Giveaway: Win a Keurig Special Edition Brewing System

keurig-1024x1024I’m headed out of town (yes, again) in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, and just spent the morning walking around my neighborhood, catching up on pre-trip errands.

As I did, I found myself gazing wistfully into real estate office windows. I feel like I’m — along with a lot of other people in my world — going through a sort of crossroads. Some are moving, some are getting married, others are having babies — all in all, we’re at various stages of growing pains, looking for the next thing. The big move. Or even just a little one.

I love my neighborhood. I even sort of love my apartment. But it’s small. Too small. As in — I am a 30+ year old woman with a twin-sized bed and a junior fridge small. And I want something bigger. But it ain’t so easy. To be able to afford a bigger apartment, I’d need to move to a less expensive neighborhood. (Crazy as it feels considering my budget constraints, it seems I have a great deal for my neighborhood.) But to stay where I am? I’m pretty much stuck…exactly where I am. Which is in a 4th-floor walkup in a too small, too cluttered apartment.

keurigAs I said, growing pains. I know I’m ready for a move. I just can’t begin to figure out exactly where it’s going to take me. Anyone moving, getting hitched, or with a baby on board has a lot going on. Keurig is a simple solution for a busy lifestyle.

(Yes, all my problems come back to a great cup of caffeine. It may  not be the answer. But it sure makes me feel better.)

The Special Edition brewer makes it a cinch to brew a nice cuppa’ coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in under one minute with the touch of a button. If only everything in life could be this easy. As someone who lives alone in a small apartment (yes, I’m still not shutting up about that), it’s grace to have an appliance that doesn’t take up a ton of space, but can do so much. And when I do work at home all day, I don’t have to make pot after pot of coffee, I can make one cup of whatever I want, whenever I want.

keurig2I know many of you are having growing pains issues of your own — whether it’s relationships, new additions, big moves — and if there’s a simple answer that can make your day a little easier, I’m all about sharing it. We all know how many years I’ve loved Keurig — and if you don’t have one in your life yet, you need to change that.

So I’m giving away a Keurig to one winner! One reader will win a Keurig® Special Edition brewing system (valued at $149.99).

To enter to win:

1. Follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on Twitter

2. Tweet about this giveaway, please be sure to also use the #JustBrewIt tag

3. Tell me about how having this Keurig in your life will make your days easier — or help you ease your way into your own life transitions!

Deadline to enter is April 1. Good luck!

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

WINNER ALERT: Thanks so much for all the great entries! This contest is now over. Congrats to Nancy Reid, who has been notified via email!


  1. Angela

    A Keurig WILL make our days a lot brighter as we will be able to enjoy alot more different flavors than the drip maker we currently own. Also, we will be able to choose between tea (which i absolutely love) and coffee. Lastly, could actually save us money as we find to ALWAYS make MORE coffee than needed. Thank you for the chance @AlyWalansky and @Keurig! #JustBrewIt

  2. Michael Schmid

    Ask anyone, daddy here loves him some coffee. ☕ Since our wee one arrived, sleep has been a bit more scarce. I love the idea of programming this so our Keurig brewing system wakes up before we do, and is hot and ready to brew whatever our fancy is that morning. I tweeted this via @adaddyblog as you probably saw. Have a super day and a safe trip!


  3. Natalie

    Well, I will say I love Keurig. My little one, which I’ve had for a few years now, after I inherited it from my parents, just died. I love how quick it is – and I generally just have one cup a day so this is easy! And I can make tea and lattes – I can make it all – one cup at a time. So easy to have on the go!

  4. rich morris

    I follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on twitter

  5. rich morris

    There are days when I need that extra energy but don’t have time that the traditional method typically requires. Also, I would love the variety that I could drink versus always drinking it black & that I’ve never been a fan of the products that add flavor after it’s made.

  6. Margaret Smith

    Follow both on twitter: @peg42
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/peg42/status/448193731494424576
    Having this Keurig in my life will make my days easier by letting me make a really quick cup of coffee or two in the morning, without all the cleanup and I can enjoy my coffee longer and get out of the house quicker.
    Thanks so much.

  7. Rosanne

    Follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on Twitter-@rosannepm

  8. Rosanne

    I’ve never been a morning person although I try to. Keurig coffee is far better than any coffee there is. It is thick and hearty and really takes like coffee. It gets me going and makes me look forward to getting up in the morning

  9. C R Williams

    Following both on twitter.

  10. C R Williams

    Tweeted about the giveaway and tagged it with #JustBrewIt

  11. C R Williams

    Having this Keurig would make breakfast so much easier for me.

  12. Mary W

    I follow Aly and Keurig on Twitter.

  13. Mary W

    Make the move to a bigger place to live. You will be glad you did! Coffee, teas and a Keurig make it easy to make new friends. It’s also a great way to meet your new neighbors! I love the variety of flavors and choices for Keurig. If I had one, it would be really nice to share a cup with friends.

  14. Susan P.

    I follow @Keurig and @alywalansky on Twitter.

  15. Susan P.

    My townhouse is small as well and I only have room for one coffeemaker, Having a Keurig would fit the bill and make life easier.

  16. HS

    Follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on Twitter

  17. HS

    This Keurig will make quick coffee and save me a lot of time in the morning.

  18. Brandon f

    I am always in a rush in the mornings before work. I don’t usually have time to brew coffee so i have to wait until lunch to get a cup. With the Keurig it’s so fast i will be able to squeeze in a cup of coffee before i leave.

  19. Denise S

    I follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on Twitter

  20. Denise S

    This would help my life because I don’t have a coffee maker or even drink coffee yet, but I’ve been wanting to start trying it.

  21. Andi

    Coffee = life! Thus, this would be life changing!!!!!!!

  22. Nancy Reid

    I follow Aly and Keurig on twitter as @eyewonit
    I tweeted the giveaway https://twitter.com/eyewonit/status/448248556445773824

    I’ve been wanting a Keurig forever. I love how my friends can brew their fave coffees one at time while my hubs and I argue over what flavor pot of coffee we’re brewing! I love vanilla or hazel nut coffee while my hubs is a purist of the stubborn type. If I had a Keurig mornings would be much easier and each of us would have our way. Now, that’s the way to start the day!

  23. Mari

    My old drip coffeemaker from college is so bad….I would love the ease of a Keurig. I have a long commute daily and this would help my morning routine. I tweeted too. Thanks!

  24. Tina M

    i drink coffee every morning. thus would save my time!

  25. Melissa

    following both on twitter @justtellmewhen

  26. Melissa

    Having this machine would make my mornings much easier by just popping in a K-cup and brewing coffee instead of having to measure out the grounds.

  27. Crissy Durst

    A Keurig will make my life easier because I wont have to bother with measuring and waiting for a pot of coffee to brew on my way out the door to work, I can get myself and the kids ready, pop in a k cup and in 3 minutes be on our way! Simple!

  28. amy rouse

    following both


  29. amy rouse

    currently, I don’t own any coffee making equipment. So all guests have to drive to the local coffee shop (and it’s not a Starbucks, I live in the boonies) for their cup ‘o joe

    This would make me a much more popular host. Which could be good, could be bad. LOL But I’d love to own one


    Following both on Twitter (heavensangel238)


    We have a BIG move coming up. We have infant twins and just thinking about it is hard. I know it’s going to be a long road ahead, but well worth it. I also think that this Keurig would really help us! We will take it with us on all of our journey’s :)
    I would love to be able to just wake up and make a cup of coffee really quick! I would love to be able to drink a different flavor than my husband. He likes regular, and I like the decaf.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this. It would be life changing!!

  32. Stephen Saunders

    followed both on twitter and tweeted.
    Having a Keurig would make life sweeter because… hey… I’d have a Keurig. ’nuff said right?

  33. Tamar


    I have been wanting a Keurig forever. I love the convenience and speed of it – I hate making coffee in a regular brewer!

  34. susan smoaks

    we are very rushed in the morning. making coffee is sometimes too much of a hassle so we wait until we get to work. having a keurig would make our lives easier because we could have good, hot coffee every morning before we get to work. tweeting @fdp4life.

  35. deana c

    I Follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on Twitter @mariecal123

  36. deana c

    Having this Keurig in your life will make my mornings much easier. It would be nice to just put a k-cup in instead of brewing a whole pot of coffee in the morning when I can’t see first thing in the morning. No room for error!

  37. Jodi

    Would LOVE this new Keurig!! Being a full time working mom to a toddler who is not a great sleeper – I am always feeling tired and rundown. I love coffee and don’t even know how I would function without it. So, yes I would absolutely love to be the lucky owner of this awesome machine!!

  38. Nathan Copeland

    I’m quadriplegic and have a few different attendants that are in with me throughout the day. A Keurig is easy enough that any of them could use it for me, and I won’t have to worry about a whole pot going bad or them forgetting to turn the warmer off.

  39. Joanne Gregory

    Having a Keurig would make my morning coffee lust more bearable! I could fix my own great cup of coffee at home!

  40. Joanne Gregory

    I follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on Twitter – @jednc2

  41. debra p

    I am a writer and a blogger and a night owl. All those things require one thing, coffee! I adore java but I don’t have money for coffee shops and Keurig has delightful blends. I love the variety. Being a Gemini, I get bored easily so I like to switch it up between Donut House, Chai Latte and Cafe Mocha. This would be ideal for the work-at-home artist!

  42. debra p

    I follow both on twitter @MissingLynxx

  43. kelly D


    This would make my days easier because I could brew a cup of coffee faster in the flavor I want while rushing to get the kids off to school.

  44. Charlotte

    I would love to own a Keurig, because it would make my life easier in so many ways words can’t even explain. I just moved into a new place, and having to do a zillion things that comes along with a new place is stressful, but exciting at the same time! I’m up early in the mornings using my old coffee pot that takes forever to drip. Then have to dump the rest out. I’ve been making a lot more coffee lately, since my father passed away Feb 8th, it seems like I can never sleep. The Keurig would just be absolutely priceless to me!

    Following Keurig & AlyWalansky on twitter – Charluvsabby3 & Tweeted

  45. Sarah Hirsch

    I follow both on twitter as @stigay

  46. Sarah Hirsch

    Having a keurig would make my life easier because it means that anyone in my household could so easily make themselves a nice warm drink…and not have to ask me to do it for them!

  47. cortney tackett

    I follow you both on twitter via @cortneytackett. I also tweeted. I would love to win this as I have just a very cheap old school coffee machine. I have to put paper filters in every morning and measure out coffee grounds. It’s a really small coffee pot too so it only makes 4 cups so then I have to repeat the process of getting another filter and putting more grounds. Fun right??! I’m a mom to a very active 14 month old boy but what 14 month old isn’t active I guess??! lol It would be so great to win this. Thanks!

    My tweet: https://twitter.com/CortneyTackett/status/450070696925097984

  48. Nancy D. Brown

    Coffee or hot chocolate at the push of a button? How could this NOT make my day easier. Bring it, baby!

  49. jeannine s

    This would help cut down on coffee making time so I have more time on my hair https://twitter.com/samarafinn/status/450095048718561280

  50. Carly

    I waste so much time grinding coffee beans and cleaning the coffee grinder! With a Keurig Brewing System (especially one that would look gorgeous on my kitchen counter!) I could use the time I used to spend grinding and cleaning on painting my nails or planning my next trip! (Okay, or doing my MA coursework…)

  51. Shawna

    Having a Keurig would be so Fantastic and I’d finally have great tasting coffee in the morning, fast and easy too! Right now, I’m without any type of coffeemaker and am making mine by hand so this would be Amazing to have! Thank you for the chance!

  52. Shawna

    I follow both on twitter @LuvtoDream86

  53. Shawna
  54. Kelsey

    I work with teenagers who are at risk and (like many teenagers) very fisty. I commute, and start with my little jewels (who, judging by their ability to bounce off the walls before the sun comes up, must spend the evenings eating straight sugar) at 7 in the morning after my commute. Between the teens, the commuters, and my natural non-morning-person personality I need coffee to even the playing field and bring by best from the go. Unfortunately I do not always have time or remember (through the fog of my morning mind) to start the coffee soon enough =/ I am sure everyone involved and more than anyone me, myself, and I would really appreciate having such an easy fast way to get my hands on my daily cup of joe. It would make my school year so much smoother =)

  55. Kelsey

    also I followed you both and tweeted about the contest. @kelsafels
    Have a great start to your week!

  56. Vikki M

    I follow both on twitter @mefink

  57. Vikki M

    Having a Keurig would be great to make single cups of great coffee.

  58. Birdie Skolfield

    would be so fun to have so many flavor choices never new one each day for us what a great product

  59. milaxx


    A Keurig would be really helpful on those mornings when I can do little more than grunt until the higher functions have kicked in. Unfortunately those higher functions often require caffeine in order to kick in. Something as quick and easy the the keurig system would make life much easier.

  60. Enrique Herrera

    I’d be giving the Keurig system to mother as an early Mother’s Day gift! She deserves to have something very special as a way to show my appreciation for her hard work she has done, since well forever! =D I’ve heard so many good things about the wonderful product that is the Keurig system. It’s faster than normal coffee makers, which would work wonders for my mother, who is always on a busy schedule. With different varieties of flavors and aromas to choose from, I think the hardest part would be selecting the right flavor for the day! XD Thanks for hosting this giveaway, good luck and take care! =D

  61. Karrie Millheim

    For years I have wanted a Keurig. A keurig makes the greatest tasting coffee and teas. I also have had lemonade from it. I just want one so bad to get my delicious caffeine fix and its number one on my wishlist! Thank you for this chance to win so I can dream :)

  62. Laurie Emerson

    I follow both on twitter

  63. Laurie Emerson

    Having a Keurig will make my life so much easier as I am the coffee drinker in the family. I love that first cup of hot coffee in the morning or when I get home but feel so guilty about making a whole pot of coffee just for me. I admit that when it comes to knowing just how much coffee to add to the amount of water in the coffee make I am completely useless so it is either too strong or too weak. Having a Keurig would give me that perfect cup every time.

  64. tina reynolds

    I follow both on twitter @eaglesforjack

  65. tina reynolds

    i love how quick and simple it makes it to get a perfect cup. It also makes hubby and I both happy because we can each have the flavor we love and enjoy.

  66. vickie turner

    i have wanted one of these for so long i used my daughters and i just love it

  67. CJ Godfrey

    I Follow @Keurig and @AlyWalansky on Twitter as 123gcj

  68. Terry Beck

    I am following both @AlyWalansky and @Keurig..username @silverkat47

  69. Terry Beck

    This would be for me because my fiance doesn’t like or isn’t into “flavored” coffees,teas etc. and I usually have to go down to the convenience store to get a cappuccino and I hate doing that lol! I want to be able to stay in and enjoy my coffee or cappuccino at home!

  70. mariasimon1973@yahoo.com


  71. eileen

    FOLLOW YOU BOTH AS @rosesrubies

  72. eileen

    tweeted and retweeted as @rosesrubies

  73. eileen

    so my morning routine is this: get up, load beans into the grinder, set up the stooped coffee maker (empty and rise the morning before crap) put in a filter, dump in the fresh ground coffee, add water, hit the right buttons. then pour the coffee from the pot into DHs travel mug, add a spoon of cocoa and some cream, put the lid on, hand it DH on his way out the door, pop the tab on a can of diet coke and take a swig…so this Keurig is idiot proof enough for DH to make his own coffee. How easy and wonderful would that be!!!!

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