Giveaway: HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

Greetings from Nashville!

Obviously, this is one of my favorite cities in the country — this is the third time I’ve been here this year! — but this time, I’m here for a very special reason — I’m one of the speakers at the KEEN Digital Summit, a conference of digital tastemakers.

s0642350_sc7My presentation was on using social media for social good and it’s a cause incredibly close to me. I really truly believe all of us have the ability to make a definitive difference in the lives of the people who need us if we just put a little effort into it!

While here, I’ve been playing with my new HP ENVY x2, which was sent to me for the purpose of a review and giveaway — and I’m in love with it. I’m staying at the new Omni Nashville for the conference, and so I’m right on top of the action. Still, dragging around a computer all day can be very cumbersome when you are already spread thin and exhausted!

Actually, I wish I was spread thin. I’ve been mainlining hot chicken and biscuits for about three days now. I’ll probably not even fit on the plane.

But anyway…I love options. I love that it can easily be a purse-sized tablet, or a computer! It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

(Ugh, cake. DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?)

The HP ENVY x2 is a super powerful and ultra-thin hybrid PC with a vivid 11.6-inch diagonal HD touch display with ultra-wide viewing angels, 400-nit brightness and IPS technology, and my favorite part of the party — it has a sleek aluminum finish and innovative hinge with magnets that smoothly guide the tablet portion in place. Like all the HP computers we love, it features  Beats Audio, NFC technology, an optional stylus, HD webcam on the front and an 8.0 megapixel camera on the back.

I became a fan when I saw it featured on Project Runway in Season 12:

And, even more exciting — speaking of not just receiving but GIVING (ie: my panel!) — I have one of these HP Envy x2 tablet/laptop hybrids to award to one of you!

To enter to win:

1. During my presentation this weekend, I spoke about my beauty stoop sale last year, and how it was an example of how any one of us can make a difference. Tell me about your own personal story – whether it’s giving back in a large scale, or helping a friend move, lets spread around the feel-good feelings!

2. Make sure you are following @HP and @AlyWalansky on Twitter, and tweet me with why I should choose you. Make sure to include the  #hpprojectrunway tag!

3. Extra credit if you share this giveaway around the “neighborhood” — retweet it, pin it, share it on Facebook (and make sure to tag me so I can see it!)

4. Deadline to enter is November 5. (My mommy’s birthday, so it’s a lucky day!) – good luck!

Disclaimer: I was gifted with an HP Envy x2 for the purposes of this giveaway. However, all opinions expressed are always my own.


  1. Courtnie

    My boyfriend really wanted to visit a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time, but he didn’t really have the gas money to make the trip. I knew he missed his friend, and so I gave him gas money so he could visit his friend.

    • mike flavin

      My sis needed a place to go to escape an abusive relationship, so I had her move in with me. She’s doing great now, but I’m still trying to lose the weight I put on from all the awesome food she was cooking :-)

  2. Zana

    Hi, Aly! I’m a big supporter of giving back to the community. I am the chair of my local United Way’s young professionals group and also am a leadership donor to my city’s local children’s museum. I do this because I know that not all of us have been dealt equal cards in life and that some need that extra hand up. My work and donorship to the United Way is helping them end hunger and homelessness in our local county — and they are making great progress on that goal! As a volunteer, I’ve helped them assemble kits for children to be kindergarten-ready and have read to children at transitional housing facilities. My donation to the children’s museum allows children of all ages – even those that might not be able to afford admission – to learn and play in a fun atmosphere. I’m also helping them plan their annual fundraising gala through social media.

    If I win this, I’d actually give it to my husband. He’s been needing a new laptop for a while and I think this one would be perfect!

  3. Amber

    Amazing! I used to live in Park Slope up until a few years ago, and it makes me happy to know the community came together with your awesome stoop sale! My 24 year old sister (and my best friend EVER) broke her neck in a car accident we were in at the beginning of Sept, she’s having a rough time so I’ve been taking care of her 24/7. It’s painful for her, makes sleeping nearly impossible, and all she can do is watch TV or use my iPad. I’d LOVE to surprise her with this laptop/tablet, this would give her something fun to do! Thanks so much for the chance Aly!

  4. Kenny F

    I payed for the meal for the person in line behind me

  5. Jill l

    In memory of my daughter who passed away, I buy a crib each spring and set it up at the back of our church. Its for a “baby shower”. We leave it up for a month for people to donate items. We then take everything to the pregnancy ministries to help women who are in need during their pregnancies. It’s such an easy way to help make a difference in our community.

  6. Tabathia B

    Guess what? My birthday is Nov 5 and so is my cousin (both born on the same day at the same hospital to sisters :). I participated in a fund raiser for my daughter’s clinic called Riley’s Army which helps (mainly cancer) kids go to camps during the summer with a close sibling and with other children suffering through the same thing with doctors and nurses who see them at their clinic

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  7. Tabathia B

    follow both on twitter: chelleb36 and tweeted u

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  8. Doris Calvert

    Every year I hand out as many coats, hats and mittens as I am ably to the homeless, some days we go to the fast food places they hang out, mostly young teens and buy them burgers and coffee, I know most people say but they are on drugs but we all need to know we are loved and some one cares about us! We deliver for Santa;s Anonymous and pick a family at Christmas where we buy presents and food and then we are tapped out, wish we could do more.

  9. Tracy Robertson

    I switched careers from being a bartender to being a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults 4 years ago. I make less money, but I’m so much happier being able to do something to help others every day!

  10. Vikki M

    We had a fundraising benefit for my best friend who has cancer to help with medical cost. We raised over $10,000. It felt great to help her.
    I would love to win the HP ENVY x2 for my daughter to use for her business classes.

  11. Margaret Smith

    I don’t give back in a large scale, but I often help my husbands 94 year old Aunt. Aunt Steffie gave up driving last year and I often drive her to her appointments, food shopping, regular shopping, getting her hair done, chores around her home, etc. I really don’t mind because she’s a pleasure to be around and I hope that I’m setting a good example for my children of how you should appreciate and help your family when they need you.
    We’re also trying to teach our children about helping others. We have our oldest son helping out at Habitat of Humanity and sometimes helping elderly people from our church.

  12. Margaret Smith
  13. Margaret Smith
  14. Nancy Reid

    I befriended an elderly lady who had a double mastectomy several years ago. She had no idea that she was entitled to breast prosthestics until I did some research of her medical benefits. I found a supplier for her and drove her to the facility where she was fitted to two sets. She was also able to get 4 bras which were also covered by insurance. She was so happy and felt so good about her new figure that she asked if she could wear them home. It brought tears to my eyes and I’m one tough cookie! I will never forget her joy and mine for being able to help her.

  15. ellen beck

    Hiya Aly I watched your posts on facebook about the stoop!

    I give back a couple of different ways, I am a big supporterr of Toys for Tots in outr town. I also volunteeer when I am able to at the local food giveaway site associated wwith the Salvation Army.

    It feels goodd to give back and think I am helping in some small way.

  16. Alan

    I’ve refurbished about a hundred computers over last 6 years, giving them to people in need, most commonly singles moms with one computer and two kids fighting over it, but also to organizations like the West Asbury Park Community Center, and keeping the computers, at least for a little while, out of landfills.

  17. Ravzie

    Hi Aly, I remember your beauty sale, as I sent you a contribution towards it. I thought that was a very nice thing for you to do.

    I try to make a difference in someone’s life every shift I work. The reason I am a nurse is that I want to make people more comfortable or less afraid, to hold a hand in tough times, to be there to listen, to watch over them so they can rest or make sure they aren’t alone when they transition to the next world. It’s a tough job sometimes.

  18. Tiffany

    I had a friend whose home was destroyed when the Mississippi River flooded. We all went over and helped her go through each of her rooms and salvage what we could. It’s really heartbreaking to see the type of damage that can occur from forces of nature.

  19. Barbara M

    I do a lot of volunteer work for Caritas Family Services – it’s great!
    Primarily for the Clothing Program – also help out in the Food Shelf.
    And Toys for Tots is always a lot of fun.
    Thank you.

  20. Barbara M

    Follow you & @HP on Twitter @JalapenoMama
    and I tweeted:

  21. Jennifer Dysart

    I’ve done a lot around me to help others, I found that I am so much happier making someone else happier than myself. I have volunteered for the humane society, worked in soup kitchens, donated food/toys. My sister was a single mother struggling through nursing school so I would send gift cards, food, baby items. As a graduate student, I spread my knowledge, encouraging young girls in the community and the Girl Scouts to not be afraid of science and embrace intelligence.

  22. Kelsafels

    Really all I have time for is teaching right now. It is my first year and I chose to teach in a school that really needs me, but is not well equipped to help the staff let alone the students. It has been really overwhelming and challenges me to chose my profession despite some really nightmarish days (weapons, many many fights, disrespect out the wahoo and drugs =/). However getting me through the year is mostly the hope I am helping change some lives for people (or even just one person) who really need a positive influence…. we shall see lol. We all do what we can.

  23. Jim

    A friend’s mother was in a horrible accident recently. My family gave some time and money to help them out. Nothing really can be done though other than to make sure they know they aren’t alone. Which is pretty much true for every tragic event.

  24. Rob Hestar

    When Hurricane sandy hit last year one of my friends lost everything.So I did everything I could to help them out by letting them stay with us and helping try to help out anyway I can and to find their missing Cat(never found it).


  25. Daiva

    I helped my friend move by watching her kids and helping to pack and unpack.

  26. Jennifer Dysart

    Tweeted you and followed you and HP as @412_jenni, https://twitter.com/412_jenni/status/395228462014681088

  27. Jennifer Dysart
  28. Jennifer Dysart
  29. Jaclyn Reynolds

    I try my best each day to support my friends on facebook, many are going through some hard times. We don’t live near each other but I can give them support online with kind words and virtual hugs. :)

  30. Joanne Gregory

    Animal rescue absolutely relies on social media. I volunteer to evaluate, transport and border collies who have ended up in kill shelters, and the very lives of these beautiful animals teeter on social networking to get them out in time and then to find transport and temporary placement until they can get adopted into new homes. And the ability of persons looking for their new dog is enhanced by the same social networking.

  31. Joanne Gregory

    Tweeted you, follow you and @HP.

  32. Joanne Gregory
  33. carol

    I spend a lot of time helping my daughter’s music teacher – copying music, calling other parents, baking stuff, cleaning stuff, whatever is needed to lessen thier load

  34. savvy

    I walk our elderly neighbor’s dogs each day and help with taking their trash cans to the street, shopping.

  35. Sarah Hirsch

    @alywalansky I participated in a breast cancer awareness fundraiser and used social media to help spread information about donating! #hpprojectrunway


  36. Sarah Hirsch
  37. Erica H

    I always like to give back during the holidays to the toy drives and clothing/coat drives

  38. shaunie

    I follow you on twitter as and shared on twitter – https://twitter.com/sandyhills25/status/396752755114508288

  39. Sara Haaf

    I volunteer at the local literacy council tutoring adults in math and english, most of them the goal is being able to pass the GED test. My county has a 33% illiteracy level, so it is badly needed. We have had people come in who were not even at a 1st grade level. A lot of them are below 5th grade level. I also volunteer their for their tax filing program they do through the IRS called VITA.

  40. sara haaf
  41. Robin Wilson

    I have Lupus and have been quite ill for over a year. During this time I have crocheted and knitted a lot of scarves. I give these to a local homeless coat drive. It makes me feel good to be helping others less fortunate than myself. I also help collect for the local Domestic Violence shelter.

  42. Kim kihega

    I give back by donating items for food drives at my children’s school and other items at our church.

  43. Carolina Dhabolt

    We are often donating to our local thrift shops. I’ll say biggest donation was a one-year-supply of pasta that I won in a contest. I donated it to my church because they are often helping out others too. They do so much for the community & I felt it was my time to give back.

  44. Carolina Dhabolt
  45. Carolina Dhabolt

    I also shared the giveaway, thank you for the great opportunity. https://twitter.com/cdhabolt/status/396872204580696064

  46. Georgie C

    I think I make a difference with being kind to others and helping if I can. I have a dear old lady friend who is 90 years old that I have given lots of things to over the years, also to her daughter. It makes you feel like a million when you see someone else smile on their face and in their heart

  47. Gaurav

    My friend wanted urgent money for paying his fees and he couldnot go to the ATM machine because it is 15 km from our college and he has to submit the fees within 30 minutes so I helped him that time

  48. Katherine

    We had an elderly lady as a neighbor (99) this year and we made sure she had meals raked her lawn and did what we could to help her so she could stay in her home

  49. Kevin E

    I like to “give back” some of the prizes that I win on twitter. Every year, my church has a teacup raffle to raise money. I donate items for the raffle. It it such a good feeling to pay it forward!

  50. JD Northwest

    We play it forward by donating time and funds to the local schools, Special Olympics and into our community including food banks and youth sports. Our kids are finally at an age where they understand that they can help others.

  51. Susan Smith

    I give back during the holidays by volunteering to help in the the toy drives and coat drive we have here. I also help out in our library by helping out in the literacy program. As a family we adopt a family during Christmas and give them presents.

  52. Abby

    I just recently volunteered 22 hours working at registration at an Anime convention for over 13,000 attendees. I also like to participate in can good drives as well. ^_^

  53. linda

    I planted, weeded and harvested a garden of 24 pepper plants, 36 tomatos plants and a bunch of cukes to donate the harvest to a local food bank.

  54. Christina Z

    We love to help with a local church with a turkey food drive and Angel tree. Its a lot of fun and helps so many in need. I love that my kids get to participate and have fun helping others.

  55. jules m.

    i dont have the money to be able to give as much as I’d like but i always donate to the animal shelters and i give pet food and cat litter to the donation boxes.

  56. Kathleen

    I recently won a $100 gift card and donated it to a local shelter for women. They were so happy to receive it.

    follow you and hp via twitter @JT2ofusanddeals and I tweeted you with the hashtag via my twitter account.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  57. Jonathan G

    Sometimes you don’t have to go far to help out. Sometimes you’ll be forced to help (whether you want to, or not, and in my case I wanted to). That was the case this past summer as I helped my father when he was dealing with cancer. His fight with cancer was a short one. Diagnosed in May, passed away in June. 10 years ago, I went through the same thing with my mom. She was diagnosed in February, and passed away three months later (day after my 21st birthday). That’s not the only way I tend to giveback or help others. I volunteer on Sunday’s at my local church, and this year I went on my first mission’s trip to Baja, Mexico to help build a house for a family in need. It was a great experience, and something I will do again, if I’m able to.

  58. Amy

    My friend and I have been working on feral cat shelters for the winter. Creating warm, hay filled little houses for outdoor cats now that its getting cold.
    Love your blog!
    Thanks for the chance.

  59. Kelsey

    Hope your mom is having a great birthday by the way ( I think everyone should get a week to celebrate their birthday lol!)

  60. susan smoaks

    My husband and i do not have a lot of money. We do what we can to help. We live in a very poor area and we use coupons to buy groceries and household items. We stock up and then we donate to our neighbors in need. It’s not a strain for us and it really helps others out too.


    Rt’ed and following both on twitter!

  61. Jamie Leigh Martin

    We bought a hungry family groceries last month.

  62. Brian E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…every year, when the weather turns cold, we donate a box of gloves & wool caps to a local homeless shelter.

  63. Brian E.

    Following BOTH via Twitter: @brianpiero
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/brianpiero/status/397918306830540800

  64. Brian E.
  65. Joy Q

    I donate food to the local food pantry’s monthy & have been making ugly quilts for the homeless.

  66. hallie

    I just finished sewing 30 costumes for a childrens musical production….and I flunked home ec LOL

  67. Joy Q

    I follow both you & hp on twitter – @joyq74
    tweeted to you https://twitter.com/joyq74/status/397923341656281088

  68. Karrie Millheim

    I have known hunger. We were very poor when I was a child and I never want anyone to have to go to bed hungry and without clothing..Every week I buy extra groceries for the homeless and for the poor. I give to several different charities so I can spread it out evenly.

  69. Trisha McKee

    I tried to make a difference by helping out an exhausted new mother. I took some meals over, helped clean, and let her sleep.

  70. ellen beck
  71. ellen beck


    retweeted your tweet

    Happy Birthday to your Mom I hope you had a good visit and a nice time!

    (and thanks for the giveaway)

  72. Olivia Williams

    i help in the little ways by lending an ear and giving advice on others who have a similar mental illness to me! have shared on twitter :)

  73. ellen beck

    Hiya Aly who was your winne? Thanks for the chance!

  74. Lud

    would be great to use this device

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