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True story: For many years, I’ve fantasized of various ethnic origins.

First, when I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be a Sephardic Jew. The reasoning behind this is quite simple to a 12 year old mind — they are allowed to enjoy beans on Passover, Ashkenazi Jews (which I am, in reality), are not. I told my mom I was declaring myself Sephardic. She said it didn’t work that way. I’ve not fully gotten over this yet.

Last year, I read that Spain was giving citizenship to Sephardic jews. Spanish citizenship would be sort of cool, no? I scoured all my relatives for potential of ancestry. I got nowhere.

More recently, I’ve thought I may potentially be British. Just a bit. I REALLY am obsessed with all things British – the royals, the history, the television programming. Clearly, I felt a kinship I couldn’t explain?

Finally, I got the opportunity to discover if all my wonderings over the years was not the mutterings of a crazy person — but rather, the inherent knowing something else was out there.

As so it happens, I was right.

About a month ago, Ancestry.com contacted me and offered me the opportunity to review their AncestryDNA kit.

Ancestry’s DNA-based test is party of the genealogical surveys at Ancestry.com. It’s simple to use: They send you a DNA collection kit, you spit in a tube (sexy), and mail it off. A few weeks later, you get an email with your results.


The results were fascinating!

As you can see, I’m 94% European Jew — what everyone always told me I’d find. However, I am also 2% Iberian (THAT MEANS SPANISH JEW!), AND 1% British.

I was also elated to find I have trace amounts of Asian ancestry. I’d love to know more about this! I have always, though, had an obsession with Asian food.

Everyone wants to know who they are — and if you can get some semblance of an idea by swabbing a cheek or spitting into a test tube, who wouldn’t take advantage?

Results are divided into geographic areas such as Scandinavia or Southern Europe. I was totally hoping to have Romans or Vikings in my past — imagine???! – but no such luck there.

The test has pretty broad strokes, so I do not know as of yet if I was related to Anne Boleyn or Marie Antoinette – but I’m pretty sure (scientifically speaking), I had to be. One cool thing the test does allow though is — once your DNA results come in – allow you to use their database to find people with similar results to you, highly likely to be related in some way. Potential third and fourth cousins! I’ve been having a blast playing with it all week.

AncestryDNA costs $99, and test focuses on what genes say about your family history in the past few thousand years — but I’m SUPER excited to be able to give away two kits right here! To enter to win, you must be following @AlyWalansky and @Ancestry on Twitter and RT this giveaway – then, please tweet us or comment below and share what you are looking for in your own family history. Deadline to enter is June 15. This is also an incredible gift idea!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review,  however all opinions expressed are always my own.


  1. I an about to turn 80, actually on September 28th. I am adopted. I do not know too much about my background. My birth Mother was Jewish of eastern european. There is question about my father. I think that his parents were born in Italy, but just sure of that.

  2. Contrary to a statement I just received, I have never submitted any previous request.

  3. Christine P

    Hoping for Jew, despite my name lol! My siblings all are, we’ve always wondered about our grandfather’s side and some of the weird history. Hmm.

    Would so love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Amber M.

    I’ve always wanted to see just exactly where I’m from. I know I’m Irish, but I have no idea if I also have other roots. I think it would be fascinating to finally know! Not to mention, possibly make connections with people I’m related to.

  5. Jodi

    I’ve been doing a ton of genealogy research so this would really be a great add-on to the research I’ve already done! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. Mami2jcn

    I follow you both on Twitter and I retweeted you (mami2jcn). I would love to find out my DNA because my father isn’t in my life and he never knew his own father, so I know very little about that side of the family. It would be neat to find out!

  7. Aprill

    I’m the girl that lived with her father from birth until I was 11 years old when he passed, but I knew nothing about him, so I’m not really clear on who I am or where I come from. I’d love to win this test so I can get some insight on my ancestry.

  8. MJ Moore

    I am super curious about my husband’s background- his family thinks there is Native American in their ancestry but we don’t know how/ where.

  9. Tanya S

    I am very interested to know my husband’s background. His family says that he has descendents from most cultures — I always question how he can be 4 halfs of things :) This would be great!

  10. trin

    I would like to know my true heritage and give that knowledge to my kids and grandkids.

  11. Kelly

    I’ve traced my entire family, except one matrilineal line. I would love to know where her family was from. Was she Jewish? (That would be wonderful and would make converting a *bonus) right now, it seems everyone ends up in Western Europe- mainly UK. I’ve traced them back to the 1500. If I found something drastically different, it would be fascinating for my research. @idontlooksick

  12. eileen

    I know the basics going back around 120 years or so- polish on one side, german/russian on the other. But when I look at pictures of all the oldsters when they were really old (over 85) on my dad’s side I see something in the shape of their eyes and their cheekbones and I wonder seriously if we are descendants of Attila the Hun. weird.

  13. eileen


    I think this is my retweet but I am no sure

  14. AngelaNicole

    This test is AMAZING!! i recently had one done and was very surprised at what the results were. (i guess i couldn’t take in account what my family were telling me) Only one result showed that confirmed what i learned on my father’s side. My husband is REALLY wanting to give this test a try now. His side of the family has some connected links but no DNA report so he is curious. This will be an amazing gift for someone. thanks so much for the chance Aly :-)

  15. luci


  16. luci

    I retweeted

  17. luci

    I follow you and acenstry on twitter as @lucirunsfast

  18. luci

    I would be really excited to prove/disprove some family gossip about where we are from (not telling the gossip)

  19. Sarah Potter

    I’d love to have my Grandpa’s brother take this test and I know he’d jump at the chance. Grandpa passed on a couple years ago just as I was finally unraveling the adoption of their mom. I’ve no solved that amazing story but finding their lost brother has been a major wall. I know it’s a long shot, but perhaps this would be the ‘win’
    I retweeted your contest here: https://twitter.com/eye0eye0/status/476526938849177600

  20. Evelyn S

    I am a follower and RT’d the giveaway.

    I’ve always been curious to know if there’s any chance I might be more than the pretty straightforward ethnicity that I am. My mother swears that we’re “pure blood” but I’ve got to think that in the thousands of years of ancestors that there must have been SOME mixing, right? I’d love to find out for myself and it will also bring me some disgusting joy to prove my mother wrong for once. Hahahaha ;)

  21. Evelyn S

    Forgot to mention that I’m on Twitter as @iamevie

  22. Allison

    While I am interested in seeing all aspects of my heritage, my grandma was supposedly part Native American so I would be particularly interested in learning if that’s true, and what percent! @dearstormer

  23. Deborah De Boer

    I would be looking for what besides Dutch we are ! I know there are some things mixed in!

  24. TousEleg

    Following both + RT @ https://twitter.com/TousEleg/status/476839776331378688.

    I know so little about my family and the only living relative that can share information with me is ill and often unable to discuss things like that. The kit would help me piece together the scraps of knowledge I do have so that I can feel some sort of connection to my past and better understand who I am now.

  25. Nancy Reid

    Have to refer this to my friend @tssk10 Teresa K. she loves this ancestry stuff.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Nancy – you know me too well! I just love ancestry and genealogy!! :D

  26. Teresa

    Following you both and RT https://twitter.com/tssk10/status/477122402157985793

    I would love to find the connection to my long lost cousins in Europe and here in the USA and maybe find a nice surprise along the way (everyone wants to find out they are related to someone famous!)

  27. Randy A

    i am hoping to find out more about my nordic heritage, maybe it’s not nordic after all :)

  28. Meghan Finley

    I follow you both @immortalb4
    Here’s my RT https://twitter.com/immortalb4/status/477865895612936192

    I was raised by a proud Native American single mother but her other ancestry is a little murky. I’d love to get this and see where these freckles come from. Or maybe just blame my dad! Thanks for the chance

  29. Deborah De Boer

    who won??

  30. Georgene Moizuk Bramlage

    My reason for doing an Ancestry.com DNA test would be to find out more background to my ethnicity. I’ve only uncovered ancestors who go back two generations as Polish. I want to know how much, if any, German, Russian or Jewish are in my ancestry profile.

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