Attempting to indulge without the guilt this season? Enter my George Foreman Grill giveaway!

georgeforemanHappy Holidays!!!

My fusion of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah yesterday was quite intense — it involved a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN.

Holidays are sort of about the indulgence, but the idea is to try to stay on the straight and narrow (no pun intended) on the every day so you can have some fun on the special ones.

I’m obsessed with my George Foreman grill, and they recently shared their holiday-geared weight loss program.

The George Foreman Grills Weight Loss Challenge, a free 12-week program that offers everyone the tools needed to lose and ward off unwanted weight to “Look like a Knock-Out” this holiday season! The George Foreman Grills Weight loss Challenge is a free weight-loss program developed by the brand with Registered Dietician and Certified Personal trainer, Sarah Berndt. The all-inclusive George Foreman Grills Weight Loss Challenge provides balanced meals, snacks and mouth-watering recipes that were developed for the George Foreman grill. It also includes strength and cardio workouts as well as a calorie calculator, grocery shopping cheat sheet, food tracker, and restaurant guide.
The challenge began November 11 and goes through January 19, and entrants in the challenge are up for fun cash prizes as extra incentive. (Incentive totally helps me, personally).

Speaking of incentive, I’m giving away George Foreman 144-sq in 9 Serving, Classic-Plate Grill to one lucky reader! To enter to win, please share your health/fitness/wellness  plan to enjoy the holidays – but not get out of hand.  Also make sure you are following me on Twitter at @AlyWalansky and RT this giveaway — and comment on any other one blog post here from the last month. Deadline is December 19!


  1. olga fiore

    I vow to eat healthy this coming year and what better want than to start with this grill..and exercise daily…and if you are a vegetarian..it does wonders with veggies…

    • olga fiore

      ok… i have been a BAD BAD BAD GIRL…..I need to get on track again..want this grill..so badly…I promise to be a good girl…

    • Olga fiore

      I have been a very very bad girl…so this grill will help me be a good girl….:-)

  2. Nancy Reid

    I am watching my carbohydrate intake and have recently experimented with removing gluten from my diet with some success. That and kicking up my cycling time, now that the weather is cooler, and continued yoga practice I hope to at a minimum maintain my weight if not lose more!

  3. Gianna

    Have a little of everything in moderation.

  4. Deborah Rosen

    I’m trying an odd thing I thought up: for every minute I eat, I’m going to walk a minute. I’ll keep an informal count (I’m just not very strict lol) during the day, and the next day I’ll walk at least as long as I ate the day before.

  5. Susan Christy

    I’m cutting out fried foods and between meal snacks so I an enjoy all the Christmas Treats. And I moved my treadmill into the family room in hopes I be more motivated to get on it if I can watch movies or TV while I run.

  6. Jessie C.

    Portion control works the best to me, especially during holidays.

  7. Ben G

    My healthy eating plan during the holidays is to do what I always try to do. I serve a number of low carb foods for the dinners and events I host and also bring them when I attend other parties.

  8. ellen beck

    Well I just had surgery and have no appetite so lost a few needed pounds anyway beforehand. I need to get my big butt off of the computer so my plan is going to be get back in gear with the DVDs when I cant go out because of the snow. The neww diet I am supposed to follow involves less fats so I gotta do it!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!

    Commented on Katy Perry at the AMAs and tweeted (@Tannawings)

  9. angie

    Portion control is key.

  10. Doris Calvert

    Honestly at Christmas calories are off, I eat goodies and treats and dinners, I eat it all but try moderation. Christmas comes once a year and I figure we are all entitled to relax and enjoy!

  11. ravzie

    RTing away. Keeping the sweets to a minimum helps me!

  12. Winston

    I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this giveaway! I have a GF Grill and it saves me so much time. It’s so convenient!

  13. Mary Cloud

    I would love to loose weight – I told DH that we could stick with our diets until Christmas and then allow ourselves to cheat for Christmas dinner – afterwards the full commitment will start – a healthier us for the new year

  14. Janice Cooper

    Definitely not overindulge. I watch my portions by using a smaller plate. I think I did pretty good on Thanksgiving.

  15. Terri Egelund

    I try to make sure I get plenty of vegetables on the same plate with the festive goodies.

  16. Susan P.

    I plan to eat yogurt instead of ice cream and cut up red peppers and cucumbers for snacks. Main meals are not the problem – it’s the snacks!

  17. Susan P.
  18. Susan P.

    I follow you on Twitter.

  19. Denise M

    I could not have made it through college without my George Foreman grill and 10 years later it finally died this year. I have a new one on my Amazon wishlist

  20. Maureen G

    I have made a health plan with my doctor. It involves diet and daily exercise. I have focused on fruits and vegetables

  21. Lud

    I plan to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and eat before a party so I don’t overeat when I’m there. Also, try to enjoy desserts in moderation.

  22. Lauren

    Drink lots of water

  23. Tamar

    I am on a big diet right now. I found out the the turkey tipped the scale… needless to say, I’m going to be eating leaner and better, and drinking more water.

  24. Meghan Finley

    I’m enjoying everything in moderation (when I can help myself)

  25. debbie

    Drinking lots of water before I head anywhere there’s food and choosing a small plate!

  26. Jan Donahue

    I’ve started to cut out soda from my daily intake and drink water with lemon. I also believe in indulges only in moderation. Would love to win this!

  27. Kyl Neusch

    watch what I eat and exercise

  28. Susan Chester

    I have cut my coffee consumption in half ( I miss it!) and started taking a daily walk. I am sleeping much better and plan on increasing my distance once I feel stronger.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  29. Kymberly Pray

    With a bit of time off from school I am home for more hours in the day and, like a magnet, I am drawn to the refrigerator and cupboards. What I have started to do is ~out loud~ say, “Are you hungry, or just bored?” This saying it/hearing it and thinking about the answer helps me know that sometimes I am simply looking for a distraction. Then, I go do a craft or make a gift for someone. They say idle hands are the Devil’s workshop. My spin on that is idle hands are going to want to be filled with chips. Same diff. The holidays are fun and we should indulge, but also keep in mind they are but a few days while the ramifications could last quite a bit longer.
    Mele Kalikimaka everyone.

  30. Brittney House

    Even with the holidays and all the delicious meals, I still try to watch my intake and not use the holidays as an excuse.

  31. Peggy Rydzewski

    moderation.. enjoy but limit yourself.

  32. Karrie Millheim

    I am gonna drink lots of water to fill up , when i tempted with delicious food I might be fuller and eat less

  33. Tim Bowers

    My plan to stay healthy for the holidays is to keep a strict workout regimen at the gym – at least 5 days a week 1 hour a day.

    Retweeted! https://twitter.com/timbowers119/status/413577040378343424

  34. Susan Smith

    My healthy plan for the holidays is to reduce my sugar intake. I’m also eating more proteins, fruits and vegetables and walking 3 times a week.

  35. Robin

    I’m watching what I eat, it is easy to gain a lot of unwanted pounds this time of the year.

  36. susan smoaks

    I Rt’ed https://twitter.com/fdp4life/status/413727595847778304. I commented on another post from the past month. This year I plan to get off about 15 pounds and keep it off. I plan on eating a lot of fruits and veggies and doing a lot of exercise too!

  37. I’m taking Christmas and feasting. All other days I’m on a low carb diet.

  38. Beverly Metcalf

    Nice grill! I’m walking more and eating lots of fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water. I have lost some weight and hope to lose more. Thanks for having this contest.

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