Valentine’s countdown: The gifts your man really wants

A lot of people see Valentine’s as a reason to feel badly about their relationship status (same goes for New Year’s Eve, actually) – but I look at it as a way of celebrating love. That’s all kinds of love – for a special mate in your life, but also for your best friends, your family, your puppies, everyone.

And what’s to hate about a holiday about love? Love is my favorite thing!

But if you do have a special guy in your life, you may just be looking for the ideal gift — check out my Valentine’s Gift Guide for the special man in your life. It’s my latest for LovingYou.com!


  1. Nancy Reid

    I hear bacon of the month is real big! What men really love!

  2. Ravzie

    Mine loves the fancy chocolates. When he would give me candy, I’d share it…meaning I got a piece or two, LOL. So I give him the candy on Valentines Day!!

  3. Joanna

    Need the Sony NEX-F3 camera for myself… may settle for the candies lol :)

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