Travel must-have: A mini steamer

steam4One would think with the sheer magnitude of travel I enjoy (this month boasts 4 trips), I’d be a better packer.

Truth is, I’m not bad at bringing the right things (normally — there was the trip to a food festival on the beach when I forgot my swim suit, coverup, and flip flips) – but I’m pretty terrible at packing correctly.

As in, chances are better than even I’ll be throwing random things into a bag AS the car waits outside to take me to the airport. And upon reaching my travel destination, I’ll decide it’s more logical to live out of the suitcase than unpack.

(Actually, this is related to my not-so-unrational fear about what may live in hotel bureaus and closets.)

But there you have it. After shopping and packing (somewhat carefully). After knowing what you want to wear for each and every event on your trip itinerary, you unpack and it’s crazy frustrating because all of your clothes are wrinkled from being tossed around in transit…and, well, staying that way.

So, I’m trying something new. The Travelon Travel Steamer ($45) is coming with me to SXSW in a few days. If life goes as planned, things may be a lot more seamless. This is a compact, lightweight steamer, and you  need nothing but tap water and an electrical outlet to utilize its awesomeness.

Imagine if it was this easy to smooth out all of life’s other imperfections?

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  1. Nancy Reid

    That would be great for my cruise in April. Looks handy!

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