Psst: Don’t tell anyone, but I cheated on my iPhone (and, er, my MacBook)

My friends all think I’m crazy.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been to Vegas, Seattle, and Wisconsin — and in 3 days (!?!) I leave for Israel.

I’ll be there for 9 days (10 if we count Monday’s late-night flight), and then two days after I return, I’m going to Rhode Island. And then, from there, a few days later, Jamaica.

Introducing my new Sony VAIO T series touchscreen to my Macbook Air, hoping they'll become friends. We'll see how that goes.

I’m pretty sure I’m done for a while after that, but who knows. I’m not complaining — a year ago when I was sick and stuck at home for six months, my wanderlust absolutely consumed me. Now, I’m letting it reign free!

That’s the reason, though, you’ll notice we have a few new interns on the site. I’m very Type A and always resisted giving up the control in order to share the load a bit. But with my being out of town so much it’d be super unfair to all of you if I missed important events and happenings for weeks at a time! So now, I’m there — even if I’m not actually there!

But the “there” I WAS this week was Seattle — it wasn’t a travel writing trip, so I wasn’t officially wearing my Travel Lust column hat — but when I visit a new spot, I can’t help but be enamored with all that makes it beautiful and unique, and Seattle had so much of that. It’s skyrocketed to my top 5 favorite cities ever — but I’ll save that, too, for another post.

I was there to visit Microsoft’s campus — an affirmed Mac girl in a PC world. I realize writing this that makes me (myself) something of an adorable hipster commercial, appropriately set in Seattle, which is where said commercial would absolutely have to be set.

I’ll confess, an initial issue I had was with the touchpad. My Microsoft friends did give me a mouse, which made life infinitely easier — I think there’s just a bit of a learning curve in such matters, and it’s hard to ignore that Apple’s trackpad has just spoiled me rotten. I like being spoiled, though. However — and this is surprising to approximately no one, I’m sure, but the battery life of my Vaio is what totally won me over.  If you’re planning on using Windows a great deal, the extra battery life provides may be a deal breaker. On the flight to Seattle, my Macbook Air’s battery lasted me until about three hours into the flight. Going home from Seattle, I used the Vaio and the battery lasted the entire flight – that’s a comparison that I can’t even comprehend. My Air is over-used and very-loved but it’s not remotely old – the added work time (and thus added value from the Gogo inflight wi-fi pass I’d purchased), made  a world of difference and made the flight go by way faster.

I was also super hot for the touch screen of the Vaio – speaking as someone with commitment issues (ie: the eternal BlackBerry vs. iPhone debate of 2008-2012), this gives me the convenience of a full-size keyboard and touch pad with a responsive touch screen for experiencing the Windows 8-style interface. It’s super productive for sure — but not as portable as my Air. (It weighs around 4 pounds, which makes a significant difference when lugging it around all day). All it’s apps and graphics make it feel very sophisticated – and I loved being able to touch the screen and not having to scold myself. So, I love it. But I love my Macbook Air too. Which just means…the family has gotten yet larger.

Related news: I also received the new Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone for evaluation during the trip. Read here to see how that went!

Disclaimer: This trip’s expenses were covered by Micosoft, and I was gifted with a Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone and a Sony Vaio T Series with Windows 8 for the purposes of our trip and my coverage. However, as always, all my opinions are my own.


  1. ravzie

    I’ve still got MS except for my iPhone. I’d like to go to Macs, but we’ll have to wait and see if that ever happens.

  2. Nancy Reid

    Talk about being connected! Soon you’ll need a valet just to carry your electronics! Have a fabulous trip to Israel! Be careful over there. Don’t you just love Go Go! xox

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