Holiday Wish List: Barbie Toy Soldier Doll at FAO Schwarz

barbie-fao-schwarz-toy-soldier-dollAs I love you all so deeply, I feel the least I can do for you is keep you abreast of my holiday wishes.

You have a scant month left to shop for my birthday (and even less for Hanukkah!) – and among my latest covetable finds is the super adorable exclusive Barbie FAO Schwarz Toy Soldier Doll.

Does she look deliciously British?

The doll was inspired by the FAO Soldier and is wearing a crimson red skirt with black and metallic golden accents. It’s amazing. (Did I mention I have a burgeoning collection???)

She is wearing even wearing a cute black soldier hat!  She also has black arm cuffs and black boots. (Like me.)

The doll costs $39.99 and can be found here on fao.com.  FYI.

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  1. Dennis Moore

    Gotta say I’ve always liked FAO Shwarz. As a father of a young daughter have considered many of their toys and as my daughter loves dolls, this would be interesting.

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