Can we replace towels with a nifty new body drying gadget?

the-body-dryerI’ve been blogging a lot lately about feeling like I’ve outgrown my home, and everything in it.

A furniture-sized exclamation mark was placed on this feeling tonight when I returned from a Memphis business trip (so fun!), retired to my tub to recover from a long, hard travel day — and then watched in horror as my towel rack fell right off my wall as I reached to towel off.

Now, while I’d never suggest coping with such a random series of (albeit annoying) events by giving up on said towels and towel racks entirely, I do believe in karmic timing.

And so, tonight, annoyed at my home falling apart in new and exciting ways and web-researching for if anyone else out there was faring better than myself this weekend, I learned there’s technology out there that may just replace towels with a new body drying gadget it calls The Body Dryer.

Random, right? But listen: Find it here on Indiegogo. It’s sort of like a scale, in that you step on the Body Dryer and ionized air is blown upward.

(And yes, I’m imagining a Marilyn moment. And maybe sexy time.)

Full disclaimer: The device also includes a scale. Sorry.


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