What’s in your pups’ bowl?

When I received an invite to a breakfast hosted by Oprah’s former personal chef, Art Smith — not to mention his dog!! — I was all over it.

When I found it was for IAMS So Good!, I was even more into it. If you haven’t noticed before, let me illustrate JUST how much I love my fur babies via Frankie’s birthday video, taken earlier tonight:

alyartsmithMy babies are my everything, and knowing what is in their bowl is paramount to me. The IAMS event invited pet owners to learn exactly what it is their dogs are eating, and discover the wholesome ingredients in “So Good!” — this was must-have knowledge.

What I did learn was:

1 – I should have brought the babies. But…they are a little afraid of other dogs. And traveling. And strangers. So, instead I played with my friends’ dogs. And that was awesome fun.

2 – I had no idea what our pups were eating before, but now I know that a lot of dog foods included sugar and artificial sweeteners, dyes, and other additives – So Good has no added sugar, no dyes, and while yes – it includes chicken byproducts – we all know all dogs love chicken, and it includes all actual chicken parts. No feathers or bones or extremities. Thank God. I mean, seriously — why would we EVER feed our babies anything we wouldn’t want to consider feeding ourselves? If feeding Lily and the kids the right food keeps them around just a bit longer, I’m all about that.

3 – I am now — after hanging out with Oprah’s chef — one degree of separation from Oprah…which is pretty darn cool.

My participation in this IAMS event included product and monetary compensation, however all opinions were my own — and in my opinion, all the pups were adorable!



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  1. KHBride

    So jealous! I’ve watched Art on Top Chef Masters! I also love that you said your babies are your everything. My baby (who, as a 9 year old dog, is hardly a baby), is also my everything :)

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