What do Easter and Passover have in common? Lots of eggs, obviously.

Well, a lot (if we go by history) – but one thing is for certain, if we go by modern reality — lots of eggs.

As I’m busily helping to prepare tonight’s Passover seder, I’m cognizant there’s approximately 30 dozen eggs in my parents’ fridge. They don’t mess around.

And we all know that eggs are a big part of Easter as well.

My people don’t do a whole lot of egg-decorating — something I take a bit of exception to -but when I was a kid, I was all about hoarding my non-Jewish friends’ post-holiday supply of pink eggs and pastel-colored candy.

My Bat Mitzvah was many (many, many, many) years ago and I don’t know a ton about various religious histories but I do know that Passover and Easter coincide (and are maybe Easter is related to?) a festival of fertility named after the Babylonian Goddess Isthar, and the celebration and worship of the goddess of fertility is a big part of why we are all eating (and playing with) eggs right now.

Actually, my classics classes taught the egg was a symbol of rebirth in most ancient pagan cultures. A peasant, would color brightly by boiling them with the leaves or petals of certain flowers. The ancient Druids believed the egg was a sacred emblem of their idolatrous religion. In Hinduism, they  honor the egg as with a golden color. In Japan it was brazen. In China, dyed or painted eggs are used on “sacred” heathen festivals.  In America the Easter egg contains numerous colors as the society is mixed blend of different cultures.

But being a responsible grown-up, now, I’m not really allowed to play with my food anymore — but I can that doesn’t mean I can’t still have an appreciation of pastel-colored eggs. Like, for instance, these French Soap Eggs ($25) — aren’t they totally seasonally (and festively) appropriate?!

Plus each one is packed with real plant pieces and scents, from grapefruit peel to green tea.And, unlike my favorite adorable Cadbury eggs, no calories!)

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  1. nancy reid

    I think they are totally appropriate so I shared them with all my FB friends! xox

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