Sponsored Post: The Unsexy Side of Eating Out

beanoA few weeks ago, I was contacted about trying Beano Plus Dairy Defense.

This new product is the first over-the-counter option that prevents both gas and dairy issues, giving those of us who have these issues the freedom to eat the foods they want without worrying about the uncomfortable consequences.

At first, I was like “ew” — I’m not going to write about THAT in my blog – but at the time, I was reading the email from a family lunch at Olive Garden. I have a weakness for their unlimited soup and salad lunch ($7? In NYC? Can’t lose!) – and I had indulged in the chicken gnocchi soup. The result? The soup was delicious, but I got violently ill — the cream-based soup was the achilles heel to my system. And even more so? I was greeted with an “I told you so!!!” from my — also lactose intolerant — mom.

And I realize as, as unsexy and unfun a topic as this may be, this IS a part of life for so many of us, including — obviously — me.

The root of my problem is that I’m more lactose “sensitive” than intolerant. I can get away with low-fat milk or cheese, but am always incredibly sorry when indulging in cream or butter. Of course, these are in some of my favorite foods, so it’s a constant struggle. I’m always “testing my limits” rather than making careful, smart moves. The same can be said for many areas of my life!

And so, I agreed to take Beano’s “back on the menu” challenge. Basically, it was time for me to accept that certain foods were off the menu for me — but could they possibly be going “back on” the menu? And so, I’m going to try Beano Plus Dairy Defense over the next month or so witbeanoh some of my favorite “off-limits” foods – and see if I live to tell the story. This may even include a return to the scene of the crime — the unlimited soup and salad lunch at Olive Garden…without any dairy-free substitutions. We’ll see how it goes…

This post is part of a series of posts in the Beano challenge, however all thoughts will be my very real experiences! 


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