Sponsored Post: Beano Plus Dairy Defense Challenge (And Giveaway!)

Throughout the month, I’ve been taking the Beano Plus Dairy Defense Challenge, and this week, it’s all coming to a conclusion.

These elote-style chicken wings would have been off-limits before -- now it's back on the menu!

These elote-style chicken wings would have been off-limits before — now it’s back on the menu!

I have to say – I was hesitant to take the challenge at first. I write here about my exciting adventures and hair decisions — did I want to share the (not so sexy) realities of issues digesting the sugars in dairy? Not so much. But then again, I’m learning from your feedback that it’s far more common a difficulty than I realized.

In fact, just last week, I was out to dinner with a friend and we shared the Queso appetizer. Also on the menu? These gorgeous elote-style mole chicken wings at left.  I had taken my Beano Plus Dairy Defense — she hadn’t. Lets just say the evening ended up way more pleasant on my end than on hers. And it’s easy — you just take  chewable tablet before you eat, and then eat whatever the heck you want. (Well, maybe consider your diet and such — Beano can’t keep you fitting into your bikini!)

Because I know a lot of you are going through this just as much as I have, five (5) lucky readers will each win a package of Beano to take the Back on the Menu Challenge too!

To enter to win, either comment below or tweet me at @AlyWalansky (make sure you are following me!) and tell me why you want to take this challenge. Deadline to enter is September 5. Good luck!

This is a sponsored post for Beano — however all opinions expressed are my own!



  1. Lily

    I haven’t been able to eat ice cream in years I would love to try Beano and a chocolate chip ice cream cone

  2. Brigitta

    The original Beano was a staple of my mother’s kitchen when I was in high school – she put it on nearly everything and the results were fairly amazing. I’ve been on and off dairy a few times in the last decade because I heart cheesy, creamy things (but they don’t always love me back). Given the ridiculously hot weather here lately, it’d be nice to enjoy a fro-yo and not feel like a concrete block afterwards…

    (ps – those wings look phenomenal!!! mmmmmmm)

  3. Denise S

    I want to take this challenge because I love ice cream.

  4. Janice

    lactose intolerant – enough said. LOVE dairy, especially ice cream!!!!!!

  5. beth shepherd

    I want to take this challenge to help my body to be better.

  6. Samii Meyer

    Dairy and I have always had issues – I would love to be able to eat a grilled cheese with no issue! lol

  7. Diane Baum

    Ouch, I really need this-dairy products and I ,don’t mix well.

  8. Laurie Emerson

    I want to take this challenge as dairy and I do not mix and I have wanted to have a chocolate milkshake for so long!!!!

  9. susan smoaks

    i want to take this challenge because i hate having embarrassing gas.

  10. Christian Alejandro

    I’d to try it since I have to be a fan of ice cream from afar!

  11. latanya

    I want to take this challenge because I like a lot of diary products, but have limited myself to them and I do not want to do that anymore.

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