Reading right now: Blood Sugar: The Family

It may seem a bit weird to some of you that I’m reading a recipe book to unwind post red-eye flight from a food frenzy in Texas.

It’s sort of related to that, though. Sometimes you are sitting around an airport, seeing how people eat — what they are putting into their bodies — and it makes you really reflect on your own guilty vices.

The fact is, none of us are kids anymore and what we once got away with we really shouldn’t mess with anymore.

So interesting that I came home to a review copy of Australian Chef Michael Moore’s book — the chef was diagnosed with diabetes at age 35 and had a stroke.

Read that again. 35. That’s just a few years older than I am now, and the age many of the people in my life have already surpassed.

After his recovery, Chef Moore made major changes to how he approaches cooking and believes that healthy food can be delicious.

Truth: IT CAN BE. He makes a diabetic-friendly meal of grilled rib steak with horseradish and sweet chilies that you will just die over. (Except not really, that’s a pretty bad analogy, considering.) You can see Chef Moore’s recipes for Barbecue rib steak with fresh horseradish and chili, Sweet potato fries and Cinnamon apple upside-down pudding here. Chef Moore says he grass-fed beef. He grills the steaks and makes a pickled sweet chiles, which can be adjusted for the desired hotness.

Tip Chef Moore uses little bit of superfine sugar to give it flavor. He also uses agave nectar, which has a low glycemic index. The pickles can be put into jars and will keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. His new book of diabetic friendly recipes is Blood Sugar: the Family.

My grandmother had diabetes most of her life, and I’ve always had a strong relationship with sugar – making me fear I’m sort of high risk. That, and we learned from Sugar Busters years ago that sugar addiction is a large part of the reason (no pun intended) that so many of us are overweight – even more reason to curb the insanity and embrace a low-glycemic lifestyle. Hey, it has fringe benefits -when I went low glycemic years ago, I lost 8 dress sizes! I could only dream of that happening again.


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  1. Wonderlusting

    Gosh so weird i actually met Michael Moore last week in London – a work thing. No idea he’d been on such a journey.

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