My theory: Delivery is cheaper than groceries. Do you agree?

The one way I’ve never felt a “grown up” (actually, to be truthful, there’s more than one) is the lack of food in my fridge.

I know how to cook — I’m actually rather good at it — but unless I’m having company, it’s never felt NECESSARY to cook for myself. Economy of time, people. But then I realize, it’s not just time economics at hand but MONEY economics. If you live alone it’s legit cheaper to eat takeout than buy groceries and cook for yourself. And, done well, can be just as healthy.

Today I wrote a post for the Seamless blog, The Delivery Bag, on just this topic. More economical to order in? If you live alone, then obviously!¬†¬†— would love your thoughts on this very crucial life issue! Do you agree? Am I rationalizing?


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  1. ravzie

    When you are constantly going away on new adventures, there’s no way to keep food in the house. For you, delivery would be cheaper than always throwing away spoiled food. For me, not so much.

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