More Seasonal Cheer: Starbucks Is Raising Prices (Again!)

Y’all, I’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude about – you know, everything sucking to biblical proportions – but THIS — THIS – is my breaking point. Starbucks is raising prices for coffee by 1% in some regions of the country in response to rising commodities costs.


I love you. I love you like I’ve never loved another. But…really?!

The Wall Street Journal reports that the 1% hike will hit the Northeast and Sunbelt regions – i.e. – me. Again. Thanks.

The company did not give specific details of which states will see a hike, but said that most southern states will see higher prices. Dallas, Washington, Boston and Atlanta are all getting the price hike. Florida and California won’t see a price increase.

Starbucks says it does not believe the price hike will affect sales because it has a more affluent consumer base. When McDonald’s raises prices, sales fall. Storebought coffee beans will not increase in price: those prices increased 12% at grocery stores last year and 17% for beans bought at a Starbucks cafe. And we won’t even get started on how pricey those k-cups I’m lusting after are.

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  1. Alicia

    Apparently it equals a dime per drink. But I still don’t like the idea myself.

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