An ode to my Dolce Gusto machine (Spoiler: It’s true love.)

nescafe-genio-fiorucciI’ve had my Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine for a few months now — and we’re pretty much BFF.

It was a hard start to our relationship — an instant attraction, of course (look how handsome he is!) — but I had other loves. In fact, I was still living with my Keurig and Verismo.

Those prior embodiments in my life — I still look back upon them quite fondly. We had some really good times. But I’ve heard…when you meet “the one” — you just sort of know.

My Keurig and I had built a relationship on the variety it afforded in my life — we could be Starbucks Pike Roasting one day, Caribou-ing another. I’m all for variety — it’s the spice of life and keeps things interesting in a long-term relationship. I worried about giving that up with my new mate…but then I realized, we’d just hit a whole new level.

With my Dolce Gusto, I can play with the scroll wheel on top of the screen to select the amount of coffee or milk I want to extract for each and every beverage, and then press the hot or cold button on top of the machine to begin extracting the drink. This is a serious degree of customization. The pods will advise to follow certain recommended percentages, however there’s so much fun in experimenting and adjusting.

That’s where the passion is, my friends. It’s finding the “sweet spot” in a relationship and then making it your own.

And there’s no variety in (well, variety) either — I’M DRINKING A CORTADO RIGHT NOW. A Cortado, people. I can’t even. Also now in my repertoire (without necessitating the wearing of going outside, and as such, wearing clothing) is skinny cappuccinos, macchiatos, lungos, vanilla lattes, and so much more. I’m obsessed. But I think we’re obsessed with each other — and that’s kind of like love.

Relatedly, Nescafe has partnered with Italian label Fiorucci on a new Dolce Gusto style. The machine features the words “Love is the Message” on one side and a pop art image of a man and woman kissing on the other side.  It, too, is about love. Appropriately. The limited edition Genio machine costs $139.99 and can be found here.




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