Would you give your boyfriend your online passwords?

Me = never.

But there’s a crazy article in The New York Times about teens sharing passwords with friends and the people they are dating.

Considering how crazy EVERYONE I knew — let alone was involved with – in school was, that’s pretty ridiculous.

It seems many are sharing passwords for noble reasons — if you need to study, the friend will change the password and not give the new password back to her friend until exams are over. But why assume that friend can be trusted? Gosh, I’m not even sure I could be trusted with a friend’s email log-in! Isn’t it easier to just AVOID these sites of your own free will?

Also mentioned in the article is a trend where couples are SHARING PASSWORDS for multiple accounts – they let each other read their private emails and texts!

How can this NOT cause problems? Apparently, it’s the latest dating drama that could not have existed when I was 14 years old six billion years ago.

Remember, girls: Passwords are a key to information and power. DO NOT SHARE YOUR POWER.

Does anyone know anyone doing this hogwash?

What do you think?

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