Want to support BCA without spending money (or buying pink)? I’ve got you covered.

You guys, I GET IT.

Personally, I love all things pink and even if breast cancer awareness wasn’t an incredibly important cause, pink would be everywhere around me. (Don’t believe me? Just check out my Pinterest.)

But I hear you — I hear that some of you see October and scream pink-washing. I hear that some companies will sell you a pink garbage pail and not actually give a rat’s butt about supporting the cause. And, I also hear that you have the best intentions but may not actually want to buy any pink products. Or, you are broke and can’t really buy ANY products of ANY color right now.

I want to take this moment to tell you that you can support breast cancer awareness in many other ways that won’t cost you a scent. This is an extremely important cause — more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the US.

Here’s a few things you may want to do:

Pin It To End It This is wonderful if you directly know anyone who has battled this disease. You can honor and remember women or men in your life who have battled breast cancer by pinning photos to the “Pin It To End It” board on Pinterest. For every Pinterest photo posted and tagged with #pinittoendit this month Avon will donate $5 to fund care and research. For every repin they’ll donate an extra $.50!
Giving Someone a Free Mammogram is Just a Click Away!
I couldn’t believe it either — but check this out. Once a day you surf over to thebreastcancersite.com, click on the big pink button, and the sponsors will donate a free mammogram to one person out there who needs one. According to the site, in 2011, paid advertisements helped fund 1,299 mammograms!!!

Turn Your Profile Pink
OK, so maybe you don’t dislike pink in the REALLY DISLIKING PINK sense. If you did, I don’t think we could actually be friends. You can turn your facebook profile photo pink — I just did, and I think it looks rather awesome! Just head to AvonFoundation.org/pinkyourself/ to get started.


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  1. Ravzie

    Thank you. Really. Thank you. I’ve often said the ones who are benefitting here are the manufacturers of pink crap. I don’t doubt that Komen et al are doing some good things, but I really feel that we are feeding the machine more than anything.

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