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This week's new articles - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

This week’s new articles

The holidays are here!

Well, sorta.

Growing up, I feel like in my day-to-day holiday festivities, Hanukkah and Christmas and my birthday were all wrapped up into one celebration.

But what happens the year that Hanukkah is a month before Christmas??? And, in fact, on Thanksgiving Day?

A whole lot of unprepared, that’s what.

So, here I am, with a few days until Hanukkah, and no one has their gifts yet. In fact, I’m not even sure what I’m getting anyone yet — or even what I want, myself. (Outside of blowouts for life, but I don’t anticipate that happening.)

What’s on YOUR holiday wish lists?

While you ponder, here’s some of my new articles from this week!

bigfurryhatBeauty High

Beauty mistakes to avoid this winter

7 high-tech beauty products perfect for the holidays

The best diet for a white smile

Huffington Post

True confessions: Why I’m staying home on Black Friday this year


The best sex toys for beginners


I just had the roughest massage ever, and I loved every second

I was told I was too fat for a body contouring treatment

My plan to get my skin through the changing seasons and frigid temperatures


  1. ravzie

    What the heck is that blue thing on your head??? I didn’t know Hanukkah could change dates. Not that I know that much about it anyway….

  2. Colleen (@30Minutes4Me)

    I have to ask – how on earth do you keep your productivity level so high? I cannot believe the amount of articles you write in a single week. I can barely start a single article, let alone write so many – and with such great thought.

    I am so with you on the Black Friday thing. I never understood that or Boxing Day craziness. I have to admit, I have on a couple of occasions stood in the cold and waited for one special item – but then I immediately headed for a Starbucks, not more shopping!

    Good on you for taking a stand against both Black Friday crazy and the silly idea that anyone should be shopping on Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. maddy

    Are you going to feel left out christmas with Hanukkah so darn early? or are you going to try to parley it into double gifts? I told DH I wanted Hanukkah gifts too this year. didn’t work.

  4. Jessie C.

    Great articles you shared here, love the winter skin care one.

  5. eileen

    Love your plan to get your skin through winter. Here in the frigid Midwest I coat myself with Vaseline after taking a tepid shower. Then I wrap up in cotton longjohns. Yes I am gross and slippery. I think that is better than crackled and alligatory

  6. Nancy Reid

    I want a roomba and a new waterpic to replace my old one which broke recently!

  7. celluloid17

    Loved your article about your deep tissue massage experience. I work at a spa and it’s always fun to see clients leave totally blissed out after a massage as if they’re on some sort of natural body drug high.

    “I sort of wondered what the front desk people may be used to hearing at this joint.”

    I’m sure they have quite a few great stories to tell!

  8. luci

    HMMMM – I left the sex toys for beginners article up on my computer last night for the DH to see. Let’s see what what the week (and he) brings LOL

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