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asustable-computersIn a month that has been full of rampant travel, I’ve not blogged as much as I should and I feel really badly about that! I promise to get better in the days to come, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some of my latest articles that went live in the past week!

Beauty High

5 ways to cover up a sleepless night

8 ancient beauty tricks that still work today

Beauty lies we should never believe

7 steps to glowing skin for the holidays

The Best Diet for a White Smile

The craziest things we’ve ever done to protect a blowout

Our biggest beauty annoyances

The dirty truth about old and expired makeup

Where you should be using anti-aging skincare (besides your face!)

Huffington Post

Aren’t we over Kickstarter Yet?

Easy Breezy Tips To Get Through Holiday Shopping Season

Halloween is over, but are we still wearing our masks?

The Anatomy of Friendship

Latest Hairstyles

5 Date Night Hair and Makeup Ideas

6 magazine cover hair styles you can recreate yourself


How to have better sex 

The many methods of liposuction

The Fashion Spot

Fashionable Tech Items for the Holiday Season

For the product junkie on your gift list: Holiday’s best makeup palettes

The Luxury Spot

5 reasons you should never share your hair tools

Guess what? Curvy girls do yoga, too! 

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  1. celluloid17

    I love the anti-aging and the ancient beauty tricks articles. Your tips are really good. Egg whites with a bit of corn starch does make a great mask! It really tightens the skin and leaves almost a firm shell (no pun) on the surface. Easy and inexpensive!

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