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pasta-pesto-veggie-674x521I’m on a plane en route home from Nashville!

I sort of want to kill someone sitting near me — she’s incessantly cracking gum and it’s the most annoying sound ever. (Poll: What sounds irritate you the most? Would love to know!) — but the weekend was great and I learned so much!

Speaking of learning (she says in a self-serving way) – here’s some of my new articles from this week!

Daily Makeover

How to work out without ruining your hair

What not to do when you visit the salon

Bloggers spill: My weirdest beauty tricks

Huffington Post

I Have a Career I Love  – Too Bad No One Understands It


5 eco-friendly hair products you need right now

Life & Beauty Weekly

Day to evening hair styles

Which anti-aging products do you  need?

Seamless blog

The real truth about pesto (it’s TOTALLY sexy)


Extending the life of your hair extensions

The not-so-secret issues that are aging your hair

The Luxury Spot

Great news! Not getting any is now on trend

Why do Urban Outfitters have to be such a-holes?


It happened to me: I’m single (and write about romantic travel!)



  1. Nancy Reid

    Funny, but the same thing happened to me in yoga class this morning! Who chews gum in a yoga class?

  2. ravzie

    I’ll take gum popping over heavy smoker stink any day!

  3. Safe travels home! Gum chewing is SO annoying!

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