Such a cool concept: X Out DIY blogger project, to benefit anti-bullying!

Every so often, I’ll be browsing away online and I’ll find something super cool that my colleagues are doing.

Today was one of those times, when I received an email about the The X Out DIY Dress Blogger Project — it’s in support of anti-bullying!

See the adorable Sydne Summer, at left? She’s one of nine amazing DIY bloggers to create one-of-a-kind dresses, inspired by X Out (by the makers of Proactiv).

The brand partnered with PACER’S National Center Bullying Prevention Center to help “X Out” bullying – 100% of the proceeds from this eBay auction will go to PACER’S!

Want to check out the dresses? There’s some AWESOME ones – and the auction is right here: www.ebay.com/XOut

PS: Want to be totally inspired? When you follow the eBay link, visit the main auction page, and you’ll see links to blog posts about how each of the dresses were made. Absolutely amazing.


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  1. Sydne

    Thanks Aly!

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