Oscars Recap: Saw, Gushed, Tweeted

If you follow me on Twitter, you  may have come across a pretty exciting moment Sunday night.


Yes, Perez Hilton, tweeting me — about my thoughts on something Oscars-related. The Oscars being the Super Bowl of my industry, it’s kind of a big deal.

This was all part of a red carpet Twitter event on Sunday night where some of my favorite people on (and off) the Internet, including Bryce Gruber and Vera Sweeney, but also PEREZ HILTON partnered with Chobani to give out awards of our own.


So, I was beside myself just based on the company, but the night ended up being so much  more than that. Joining with my friends, we snarked and applauded our way through the red carpet, sharing insights about the hair, beauty, and entertainment value of all that occurred.


All in fun, we chatted with Perez and determined the winners of the Simply Awards,  based on the best of the red carpet. We crowned Robin Roberts our “Simply Buff and Beautiful” winner based on her fabulously sculpted arms. They were pretty amazing! We also awarded Amy Adams “Simply Iconic” for her stunning, timeless look. The theme of the night was “Simply” in the spirit of Chobani’s new Simply 100 Greek yogurt. The commercial spot, released during last night’s awards show, shared the sad truth that many 100-cal yogurts use all sorts of artificial ingredients and sweeteners, but theirs doesn’t. Hence, Chobani’s own use of natural ingredients, and why we were awarding “Simply” (ie: just what it is, nothing else!) awards during the red carpet.

While it’s gross to consider all the artificial ingredients in other so-called healthy products, it’s good to know the truth! Also good to know: Perez has tweeted at me!

(Sorry, but you know I had to go back there!)

Other important Oscars recap news:  We love Lupita Nyong’o. Also Jared Leto. Cate Blanchett. Matthew McConaughey. Oh, and P!nk’s Wizard of Oz tribute? Ridiculously awesome.

Did you watch? What were some of your favorite highlights of the (very long, I know!) show?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post as part of a paid Twitter campaign I did last night during the Oscars red carpet for Chobani. However, all opinions expressed are always my own.


  1. C R Williams

    Not sure who Perez is, but I am happy for you!!!

  2. Nancy Reid

    Congrats on a better and stronger than ever come back from that social media misunderstanding several months ago! Kudos to you! xox

  3. Tara

    Very cool, I had favorited the tweet that Perez did to me too :) – https://twitter.com/PerezHilton/status/172858280186613760

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