My latest articles (this week has been a flurry!)

bronzerSo far, 2014 has been quite the experience.

I made two cross-country trips in the past week — one to Vegas for CES, and then a few days later to Utah for Sundance. Both were incredible, I learned a ton at CES and had tons of fun with some dear friends at Sundance. Being that I spent the bulk of time since New Years with the cold-from-hell, this January has gone by in quite the flurry!

I have bunches of new articles that have gone live during my travels and I’d love to share them with you!

Beauty High

How to get an after-workout glow (without working out)
Tricks to Relieve a Dry, Irritated Scalp
Beauty Product Cocktails You Can Mix at Home
Common Hair Removal Mistakes: Are You Doing It Wrong?
It’s Cold Out There: Beware Of These Bad Skin Habits
Bizarre Facials We’re Pretty Tempted to Try
Start the Year With More Kissable Lips

Collective 310
Flaunt Your Inner Beauty in 2014

Does Your Relationship With Your Makeup Need To Take A Break?

Dos And Don’ts For Wearing Bronzer

Daily Makeover
Genius Beauty Uses for Everyday Items
6 Rules for Mastering the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Our Top 10 Beauty Product Finds Under $10
Everyday Items With Surprising Beauty Uses
6 tips to help you save money on beauty products


How having sex makes you prettier

Snail slime, sheep grease, and other incredibly weird ingredients in your favorite beauty products

Latest Hairstyles

How to Find a Hairstylist Who Totally Gets Your Hair
Winterize Your Tresses: 10 Winter Hair Products You Must Own

Life & Beauty Weekly

This Season’s Best Color Trends

Find the Best Bras for You


Why it’s never too late to cure sun-damaged skin

Complexion boosters: Would you like some ginger with that pimple?

5 Lipsticks to try for date night

The Fashion Spot
Wearable Vibrators, a Relationship-Saving Bed and More of Our Favorite Gadget Finds at CES


Did I Tell You About The Day That Began With Snipping Foreskins And Ended With Wearing Placenta? Yeah.


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