My latest articles! (Beware, there’s a lot!)

vitaminsI can’t begin to say how much I appreciate your support — especially when I have so much going on in so many places!

This past month has taken me to Vegas for CES, Utah for Sundance, and in just a few days, Miami for South Beach Food and Wine. (I’m beyond excited — I’m going to possibly achieve my goal of meeting Michael Symon, I’m a huge fan!). And in early March, I’m headed back to Austin for SXSW!

I’ll be sharing all the experiences (gluttony and otherwise!) on Twitter and Instagram. Obviously.

While I spend this gloomy Wednesday morning unpacking (a decidedly unglam part of my travel) — here’s some of my latest articles that went live in the last few weeks! Would love if you could take the time to check them out. And, as always, if there’s anything you really want to learn about, please email me!

Beauty High

How to banish red skin

8 skin care myths, debunked!

How to wash your face (the right way!)

Why chocolate is good for you: A guide to the guilt-free beauty benefits

5 signs it’s time to see a dermatologist¬†

The beauty benefits of massages

What to pack for a winter getaway weekend

Why one week without makeup is amazing for your skin

5 tricks to instantly look better in photos!

Watch out: Beauty treatments that irritate sensitive skin

10 must-try drugstore hair products

Collective 310

The low-down on grooming “down there”

Beauty editors confess their worst beauty blunders

8 quickie beauty fixes that will save the day!

Daily Makeover

Our favorite wine-infused beauty treatments

Makeup tricks to fake a good night’s rest

The best beauty-boosting vitamins

What your nail polish says about you

8 beauty uses of baking soda

7 foods for prettier hair

11 beauty uses of lemons


The best BB and CC creams (for face, hair, and body!)

Surprising ways beer can make your hair and skin prettier

7 luxury moisturizers hiding in your cupboard


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  1. ravzie

    I live vicariously through you and your travels. I love to see what you’ll do next. I’ll be going through the articles soon!

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