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alywalanskyskintimateIndependence Day weekend rings uniquely significant for those of us free of the chains of working for anyone other ourselves. The freelance lifestyle isn’t without its pitfalls — chasing down invoices, the hustle of pitching and deadlines, but the freedom to be your own boss and decide your own destiny is worth everything.

I hope whatever your weekend plans, you are rocking them this weekend — and enjoying some fabulous beach time and grilling in the meantime!

If you are spending your Sunday recouping, here’s some of my recent articles that I’d love if you took some time to check out!

Beauty High

How to fake that vacation glow
You Have to See the Beauty Refreshers Hiding In Your Fridge
50 beauty items laden with bacteria
How to protect your hair while sleeping
The 7 worst foods for your skin to avoid at all costs 
Are these beauty time savers worth the investment?
How to determine the best hair color for your skin tone
Learn how to “multi-mask” with these tips
Your lips are more sensitive than you think — here’s why.
Breaking up with chest acne for good.
How to (really) clean your  makeup brushes 
Are you in a skincare rut?

Daily Makeover
11 things your nails are trying to tell you about your health
Everything you need to know about hyperpigmentation
You’re doing it wrong: Self-tanner
Beauty lessons we’ve learned from daytime soap operas

Boxers or briefs: What your woman wants you to be wearing
Suiting up: It’s time to dress with the big boys
How to find a man-friendly hair salon

Men’s Health
How to have sex with your clothes on

Women’s Health
4 ways that your period messes with your skin 
6 beauty tips to make your smile look brighter
7 ways to make your pores look smaller

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