Giveaway: Win a $200 Visa Gift Card *and* Get featured on StudioVox!

This morning, I was given beta access to check out a new creative professional network platform, StudioVox.

StudioVox is a really cool concept in social networking — creating a platform where creative people connect with each other.

Here’s how the site works: If you are in a creative field, you can participate within your field – such as filmmaking, fashion design, photography, music, fine arts, graphic design, and enthusiasts can view, rate, comment, and purchase work they enjoy.

My first gaze upon it made me see it as a sort of artistic version of LinkedIn. For those of you on LinkedIn, you may fill out a profile and then using that profile, connect with other people who are in your network — mostly people you work with (or who work with people you used to work with) – this is sort of like a notch above that, for creative types — fill out your profile and connect with contacts, industry professionals, showcase your work, and collaborate with other people in your field —  and plus you get unlimited video, audio and file uploads to allow you to showcase a full portfolio without data restrictions.

I’ve teamed up with StudioVox for a really fun giveaway: JUST for signing up and browsing this brand new platform, we’ll award one reader a $200 VISA gift card to help them achieve their music goals, plus they’ll get featured on the StudioVox site!

The website is still private, so to be able to access the website use this beta code StudiovoxBetaCode027.

Here’s how to enter:
1. Sign up for StudioVox using the beta code provided.
2. Upload a picture and fill out their profile.
3. Like StudioVox’s Facebook page OR follow them on Twitter.
4. Like MY Facebook page and follow ME on Twitter.

5. Send some feedback through the site’s feedback form. The more specific, the better!

5. Comment here describing how this may help you with your own creative goals and ambitions.
Deadline to enter is April 29. Good luck!



  1. Brigitta

    WOW! I was just reading an article about LinkedIn vs. Facebook and the visual challenges faced by creatives in the LinkedIn platform (and we all know Facebook marketing can be a chore, but how else to show them pictures!?). And here comes this site! I am so excited to try it out!

    I’m following you and now StudioVox on Twitter, and have started my own creative page at StudioVox (kahnartists). It will take a few days to upload images to the studio itself, but I’m thrilled to have a visual platform to connect with others (that doesn’t ask me to play mafia wars or farmville!). Yay!!

    I think this could really help take the pressure off of creatives to have to spend their precious time managing a Facebook profile to reach customers and a LinkedIn professional profile, plus whatever sites they manage for selling and industry-related relationship building.

  2. hminnesota

    Did all the steps. Logged in with same user id and email address. Also posted feedback .
    Loved their site at glance. Will spend more time later but I have asked them how can I find someone with similar interests as mine.
    Creative ideas will always be appreciated.

  3. Crystal W

    Signed up as happyenchilada2. and followed their Facebook page as well. Can’t wait for this to go past beta and reach even more people. I am working on a childrens book but I can’t draw even a stick figure correctly so perhaps I can find my future illustrator here. Thanks for the introduction

  4. linda

    liked them like you follow them follow you signed up posted suggestion,,,whew…
    But this is great – I work as a lighting designer for an architecture firm but do smaller scale design work on the side – and I am hoping that I can use this to get my portfolio out there and find some new clients and see others work and get some new ideas.

  5. anna pry

    I’ve already signed up with this site. Had some difficulty getting my profile info to save. Don’t think it’ll be very useful to me professionally unless it becomes much more popular. Following on facebook as anna pry and on twitter as thepryfamily2


  6. Michelle H.

    I’m signed up at StudioVox & filled out my profile

    I follow Studiovox on Facebook (Michelle Hudak)
    I follow you on Facebook (Michelle Hudak) and Twitter (@Auntiethesis)

    I left them feedback (I originally signed up as an enthusiast, but know that eventually I’m going to migrate to a “creative” and there doesn’t seem to be a way to merge my profile into “Creative” short of making a new profile.

    Excited to see such an interactive social media designed just for the creative community. Love that you can upload video as well as photos, schedule events and even create a blog there. Updating all my other social media with one click is also a bonus. My sister and I are partnering in a clothing line designed for women in law enforcement and it will be useful for making valuable contacts and presenting our line.

  7. wendy wallach

    i am already a member as madamerkf!
    photo upload complete
    like them on facebook as wendy wallach zephier
    like you on facebook as wendy wallach zephier an follow you on twitter as @madamerkf
    for feedback i voted for three suggestions including making uploading easier
    not sure yet how this will help me and i think i have to see what happens at the public launch to get a good grip on its benefits

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  8. Eric

    I could use a few photography jobs on the side and I would love to learn of new writing ventures. StudioVox may be the key to both!

  9. Laci Morgan

    Excellent! I’m an illustrator/designer/animator/voiceover artist, and it’s always hard to find the time to promote myself, but pretty necessary, since I do a lot of things. Looks like a great new opportunity to try out.

    I followed on Facebook and created a profile. I’ll have to upload more pics and fill out that profile more fully later, though. I also wish you could select more than 3 categories, it’s hard to choose which I should identify with.

  10. Jill L

    I had already signed up and created a profile with picture – jlear79

    “like’ StudioVox on FB – Jill Lear

    ‘Like’ you on FB (Jill Lear) and follow on Twitter @chipdip2010

    Left feedback for them.

    Looks like a great site although personally not sure how much it will help me. I plan to keep going back to see how it develops.

  11. Emily N.

    I signed up for StudioVox, uploaded a picture and filled out their profile.

    I Liked StudioVox’s Facebook page and followed them on Twitter.

    I Liked your Facebook page and followed you on Twitter as prizepuzzle.

    I sent some feedback through their feedback form.

    This may help me with my own creative goals and ambitions because as they grow it would be a good place to connect and promote the clothing I designed as well as learn more about music, film-making, and other artistic areas that I’m interested in.

  12. Andrew N

    I am now a proud member of StudioVox, I signed up my production company 15 in the Dark, uploaded a semi-flattering picture of myself, and completed a brand new profile.

    I followed StudioVox on Twitter as @andrewneel

    I liked you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter (@andrewneel)

    I sent them some feedback, as the site has a number of design and interface issues that need addressed.

    How would this help me? Probably by the simple but often difficult feat of introducing me to other creative professionals – the elusive breed that is too busy to meet in day-to-day life. That alone will act as a potential springboard for conversation and, hopefully, collaboration with other people on the site.
    Thanks for recommending it!

  13. Linda A

    I did all the steps-signed up, posted a photo, filled out the profile, follow on twitter & fb, & left feedback.

    I can see this site helping me when I’m looking for certain creative professionals.

  14. Betty Baez

    Completed all 5. I really like the idea and concept of this site, not only on a creative aspect but as an enthusiast I can review and rate other peoples contributions and therefore inspire my own creativity. I love it!

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