Worth Traveling For: Hello Kitty Beauty Spa Launches in Dubai

One of my favorite parts of travel is visiting spas and trying unique treatments — and if my travels ever take me to Dubai ( a girl can dream!), I’m all about visiting the world’s first Hello Kitty Beauty Spa!

The spa is decked out Hello Kitty colors and features Hello Kitty decor and furniture — how incredibly adorable, right? SmartOman reports that the spa also offers beauty services, such as Kitty-cures, Kitty Beauty face masque and Kitty Glam facials.


EVEN more adorable? The spa also includes a Kitty Cafe, which sells Hello Kitty cupcakes, cookies, juice and tea.

You can find out more about the spa on the website at hellokittybeautyspa.com/.

One must do for anyone lucky enough to visit this spa? OBVI get the Hello Kitty bow hairstyle!


  1. Could anything be more fantastic? I would love to visit the HK spa! :)

  2. Beccy

    That is so awesome you got to experience that, jealous!

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