What’s in YOUR beach bag?

OK, so after an amazing few days in Mexico, my trip is winding down and tomorrow I head to sunny south Florida (which will include a few days of fabulous beachy fun with my good friend Sarah Conley!)

We’ve both, despite all the right tools and lessons, dreadfully overpacked – but I’m hoping to, for our beach forays this week, par it down to ONLY the beach essentials.

A weekend at that beach means days spent lounging in the sun and summer nights spent celebrating.

Here’s a recent LovingYou.com article I wrote about ¬†what to fill your beach bag with for a perfect beach weekend.

Need more guidance? Well, once you’ve packed your bag – and chosen the right products – check out my recent StyleUnited.com Sense of Style post – on surviving that beach weekend (and looking as hot as possible while you are at it!) – a survival guide for when you’ve caught a few too many rays or had one too many cocktails by the pool!

What do you think?

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