What is Derek Jeter’s skincare must?

It may surprise you…

(Or maybe not. But still, join me in loving looking at his face as he says it!)
The video was taken on the set of his photo shoot for his two new  fragrances for Avon,
Derek Jeter Driven Eau de Toilette Spray and Driven Black, both $28 launching in

Driven is described as the “dynamic rush of chilled grapefruit and mint intensified by oak moss and musk. A fresh, focused scent for day!” – obviously that’s exactly what one of the hottest men in sports would smell like!

(And yes, he answered this question and filmed this video exclusively for me. Which is totally almost like we’re going steady, right???)



Disclaimer: I’m an Avon brand ambassador and am compensated for regular posts, however all opinions expressed (including undying Derek affection!) is my own!


  1. Nancy Reid

    Side splitting post! So happy for you and Jeter and wish him success with his fragrance!

  2. kimberly emerson

    Hmm, I think I saw him first. So sorry, Aly. ;)

    My family is from Boston. My father was almost a Red Sox shortstop before Vietnam came calling. In my clan, Yankees are believed to be the undead and are not able to see their own images in a mirror. So when I speak highly of the beautiful Derek Jeter and his yummy scents, I do it at the risk of a severe hairy-eyeball from my people. But I don’t care. Bring on the hairiness! That’s right, I said it. I heart Derek Jeter!

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