Top 5 Things I learned at the International Beauty Show

5 – No need to wear a push-up or continue saving for surgery. Apparently, use bust-enhancing cream, and it’s as good as a boob job. I took a sample. I’m going to get back to you on that one.

4 – People are using minerals for all sorts of weird stuff these days. Have a really hot mineral eye shadow? Well, stick some clear polish in it, and use it as nail color. (But, I ask, how do you feel safe using it on your eyes after that?)

3 – The eyebrow king, Damon Roberts, has just released “Brow Gain” on the market. It stimulates hair follicles and creates fuller brows. This is the last thing I need. I’d be getting threading every two weeks. However, I’m tempted to try rubbing it on my scalp…

2 – Chi’s brand-new diamond-encrusted million-dollar ceramic flat iron was on display. I was tempted to get my picture taken with it, but then realized it may tear asunder my much-worked-for savvy journalistic street cred. But, for real. You get styled with that thing, you never will wash you hair again.

1- Bring lunch. When you are paying stadium prices for a bottle of water, it’s gone too far. Perhaps I should have save some of those snacks from last week’s Restaurant expo…

In all seriousness though, some great loot is out there to be grabbed:

Hovan’s Medi Cream Bikini Saver, a cream made out of bromelain and vitamin a that not only treats post-waxing/shaving rash/bumps, but helps to prevent them from occurring again. It feels as smooth to the touch as cocoa butter. (www.bikinisaver.com).

3D-Beauty International’s eyelash perm kit (www.3d-beauty.com) comes in single-use packages and can last up to two months. (Great it if you suffer from thin/fine lashes.)

Taberco Inc. (www.tabercoinc.com) has a plump + polish lip treatment that blew my mind when I sampled it. You feel the “tingle” within seconds, and before you know it, the collagen dormant in your lips springs forward. The plumping action is the result of a Vitamin B6 derivative that allows increased circulation in the lip area and causes a tingling sensation. Though a lightweight gloss, the results are very shimmery and sexy. A must-have…if only I remembered what shade they used on me.

More to come!

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