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The Age Fix - The One Book On Your Reading List That May Make You Look and Feel Younger For Summer - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

The Age Fix — The One Book On Your Reading List That May Make You Look and Feel Younger For Summer

dryounRecently, I’ve been feeling kind of down in the dumps about the test of time.

You know those ‘on this day; flashbacks we can view every day on Facebook? They are the death of me. Every single day I see a post where I was younger. Cuter. Thinner. Endless scenes of people who were once my everything, now out of my life. It can be nostalgic and fun at times, sure. But it’s also downright depressing.

Marching forward seems to be a constant approach toward, well, a downward spiral. It’s a constant torture to see.

And I realize that, as a life goes,  I have it better than many. I just spent a gorgeous weekend in Nevis with amazing people and it was WORK. And yet, I didn’t once jump in the pool. Because what would all these awesome people think of me without a blowout? In a swimsuit, scars and cellulite showing? I’m sure they would have been lovely. They are lovely.  But I, shamefully, didn’t have the confidence to find out.

If this is me in my mid-thirties — with, lets face it, a pretty charmed existence – I am afraid what will happen 5 or 10 years from now.

And so it was interesting timing when plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn’s new book, The Age Fix, landed on my desk. Dr. Youn is no joke. People travel across the country (and probably further) to get his anti-aging advice and treatments, and yet his book says there’s many things we can do to feel and look better, without ever entering his office.

Whatever. I know. I am hesitant to believe the answer isn’t an immediate full body overhaul as well. But that’s not always in the cards (economically or feasibly).

“There are many, many times that surgery is not the answer. Most of the time, there are valid and even highly effective noninvasive solutions,” says Youn in the book.

Some of my favorite factoids from the book (and I’ve been reading it all day and it’s FASCINATING):

1 – Sleeping issues. I have tons of them. I’m the worst at sleeping. Dr. Youn brings up the beauty aspect of sleeping — sleeping on your face CAN give you wrinkles, so just train yourself to sleep on your back. Simple enough, right? (I know, I know, we’re all creatures of habit — but it’s worth a try.) But when chatting about pillows, he also mentions that putting a pillow under your knees is a great way to take pressure off your lower back if you suffer from back pain, and sleeping with a pillow under your neck can help with those annoying neck and shoulder aches we all wake up with.

2. You know that old tale about how if you get lipo in one area, it’ll grow back in another area? NOT TRUE. In fact, just silly, says Youn. “If I suck fat out of your thighs, it’s not going to reappear on your arms!” Old fat does not just reappear. Fat comes back when old, bad eating and exercise habits do. (PS: Lipo is my current late-night fantasy so I read about it. A lot.)

3. Diet. It’s not just bad for your inside, it’s bad for your outside. Eating the right fats can make you look younger (yay for salmon and avocado!), but poor choices can cause inflammation and glycation and too much drinking can cause a flushed, ruddy complexion.

4. Botox the best thing ever. Legit. Dr. Youn says there’s no question that it’s the most effective way to reduce wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows. People worry about Botox because they hear about scary things like frozen foreheads and droopy mouths. However, it’s super safe and the MAJOR likelihood is that you will have good results. Before Botox? Youn says doctors used things like lasers and chemical peels, which were less effective and actually had potential risks of their own!

But if Botox isn’t for you, Youn writes about the ‘no scrunch zone’ in his book, where you can train your muscles to stop contracting so much, thereby smoothing the wrinkles in your forehead naturally. It’s tricky to isolate muscles in that way, but you can do so by putting tape on your forehead overnight while you sleep. This keeps your skin smooth and when you feel the tape, you will be reminded not to scrunch.

I like to think of it a face kegel exercises (but that’s all me, not the Dr!)

5. A lot of people are into skin-boosting facial treatments, but you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune  – you may find resources right in your kitchen. Bananas, for instance, are loaded with beauty-enhancing vitamins. Just mash up a ripe banana and leave in your face for 30 minutes, then wash off. Or a DIY peel you may want to try is 3 tbsp apple juice, 2 tbsp milk and 1 egg white. The malic acid in the juice and the lactic acid in the milk are a great gentle exfoliant and the egg whites will help to tighten the skin.

6. Use primer before applying makeup. It’s an obvious, easy, and often overlooked way to cover blemishes and fill in fine lines.

There’s SO much more I can share – but I want you guys to read this book too and see for yourself. Also, I still have much more to read, myself. But in the meantime – try to send comments and questions my way. Maybe we can all learn how to be 2.0 versions of ourselves together!

This is a post in collaboration with Smart Beauty Guide, however all opinions expressed are very much my own.

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