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Stress and our skin are pretty miserable bedfellows - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

Stress and our skin are pretty miserable bedfellows

Credit: PsychCentral.com

Credit: PsychCentral.com

Since I have been a kid, stress has always made weird things happen to my skin — I’d have flareups of fever blisters, my rosacea would worsen, I’d get random breakouts and irritations.

I always thought it was just me. Some sort of nervous reaction, but I’m not alone. Stress wreaks havoc on all areas of our life, and our skin isn’t getting off any luckier than the rest of us. So with most of us under stress – the American Psychology Association (APA) recently conducting a study, ‘Stress in America’, which found that Americans are more stressed than ever with the biggest jump being in numbers of adults who feel ‘extreme stress’ rising from 18% to 24% since last year –how do we help prevent it from impacting on our skin?

It’s science.When we are stressed, our bodies are producing extra adrenaline, which can hamper flow of blood to the skin. This helps toxins to build up!

“Breakouts and irritations but i would also include solar damage, free radical damage,” says Pam Grossman, a certified aesthetician.

But how do we counteract the impact of stress on skin? If  can’t de-stress our life, how do we destress our skin?

A good start is avoiding environmental factors which cause our skin undue tress, such as sun and pollutants. “Would definitely say wearing SPF, monthly clinical treatments such as hydrafacials, or even a basic facial. an at home program that includes vitamin c, growth factors, moisturizers, retin a (or a variation of) and good exfoliation. wearing a hat and making sure your car windows are tinted,” says Grossman. Those are absolutely a start!

Just as we may chew our nails are play with our hair when our mind is focused on our problems, our skin can suffer as well.  Another thing that has long worked for me is to make sure I stay hydrated and moisturize twice daily. Dry skin is just inviting skin issues. Try also to not eat your feelings. Not only will this result in weight gain and bloat (sooo have been there!!!) but it also may be the reason your skin is breaking out! Also make sure you are getting your sleep. All our cells need sleep in order to regenerate, and that includes our skin cells!

Last but not least, we’re stressed for a reason. Find the source and deal with it and you may not find yourself dealing with stress quite so often.

This post is in partnership with Smart Beauty Guide, and is compensated. However, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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