SPF 101: How are you protecting your skin?

In honor of TODAY, which will culminate with me on a Mexican beach, I figured I’d share one of my favorite recent StyleUnited.com articles, on how to protect your skin when…at the beach!

So, check out SPF 101: How to Protect Your Skin!

And tell me, how do YOU protect your skin during the summer? Do you have any especially gruesome post-sun memories that keep you in line?



  1. My Godmother who is also my great aunt, passed away from skin cancer, so I definitely take SPF protection very seriously! Have an aweome time in Mexico, it’s defintely a well earned vacation.

  2. nancy reid

    My hubs is of Irish descent and has his skin checked at least every 6 mos. He has had pre cancerous cells removed on several occasions. Although I am naturally dark, I try to stay covered, use sunscreen and crawl into my cabana for even more protection.

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