So into Sally Hansen’s new Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish

If you are looking for something warm to cuddle up to on a lonely night, you may  have to touch yourself.

(No, wait…that may have come out wrong..?)

Or can get a stuffed bear…or…check this out out. Sally Hansen recently launched a new special effect nail color line called Fuzzy Coat, and it’s super cool — provides a 3D textured, woven fiber effect and comes in shades like Wool Knot, Tweedy and Peach Fuzz. (Fuzzy Fantasy is pictured at left.)

Here’s a video of how to make the polish work for you,  here — as for human contact, may the force be with you. Summer nights are nothing like Grease promised, that’s all I have to say.

Photo: Sally Hansen


  1. Nancy Reid

    Have to forward this to my daughter in law she loves trying new things on her beautiful nails! This pretty green color looks as cool as a cucumber!

  2. mssdarling

    Gonna look for this at the drugstore, looks cool!

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