Schick Quattro for Women Dare to Be Spontaneous: Katy Perry Concert Tix Giveaway!

Do you all remember last month when my beauty besties and I went on a little trip to South Beach, and while we were there just HAPPENED to hang out with a certain Katy Perry?

Well, here’s the scoop: The trip was sponsored by Schick Quattro for Women, the official partner of the Katy Perry California Dreams tour, and they launched the Dare to be Spontaneous summer program — which among other fabulous components, encourages women to embrace the freedom that comes from having legs so smooth you can skip a day or two.

Trust me, this is an amazing thing. Especially when you are more of a “booty call” than a “date night” sort of girl. Not that I am. Remotely. Obviously.

Anyway, throughout the last few weeks and this month, my blogger friends and I are sharing “dares” we were issued on Schick Quattro for Women Facebook page. My dare was to share a skeleton from my closet – and trust me, it’s a hilarious one!

So, please go check out my dare! And feel free to laugh at me!

And then…I’m giving away Katy Perry tickets!!! TWO of you will win a pair of tickets to Katy’s show in San Diego on August 9th. (Transportation will not be provided, so please be able to use the tix and get there!) To have a chance to win, please do all of the following:

1 – Follow me on Twitter at @alywalansky AND retweet this giveaway

2 – Share a skeleton from YOUR closet. It can either be in a tweet or in a comment below.

You must enter by 11:59 PM Thursday night, August 4. Winner will be notified at midnite so their tix can be shipped in time! Good luck!


  1. Jesse herrera

    Too many skeletons! I kissed my best friends girl and I liked it!

  2. Kristen

    Mine is horrid! YEARS ago I hooked up with a guy I met during rush hour traffic on the 405 freeway!!! EWWWW!!!!


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