Road to Chile: Packing My Carry-On Bag

In a few hours, a car is coming to pick me up and I’m headed off to the airport  – after a 3-hour flight, I’ll have a layover in Miami, and then I’m headed on a red-eye flight to Chile!

Epic day of travel, indeed.

As I will be spending the next 16 hours or so en route to another continent, my always important carry-on bag is even more so. What if I meet my soul mate across a bag of peanuts at 3 am? I can’t let myself go just because I’m at 36,000 feet!

I’m not planning on wearing much makeup – doing so can result in pre-dawn raccoon effect (if I’m lucky enough to fall asleep, that is) – but here is what I WILL be utilizing on the plane:

Ms. & Mrs. Miniemergency Kit: Talk about all-inclusive: It has a  teeny-tiny hairspray. Clear nail polish,  double-sided tape, lip ointment, dental floss, Ice Drops, and so much more! (And yes, everything is TSA approved!)

Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks are a new entry into my world, but it was pretty much instant amore.  How often do you notice the mystical occurrence where you work on your eye makeup, and they SEEM to be even, and then suddenly you glance in your compact and you have way more liner on your lower lid than you mean to?  I’m expecting a similar situation post flight one, pre-Miami airport loitering.

Cross-continental international flights have free wine. Flying for long stretches of time to countries where I know no one makes me want wine. Wine makes me blotchy. At some point, I’m going to be extra grateful I have my Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free SPF 20. It’s under 3 oz., and keeps my skin feeling soft and even and natural-looking – perfect for when the rest of me feels rank and travel-addled.

Wish me luck! Something I won’t be carrying with me on the red-eye: WIFI. Pray for me.


  1. ellen

    Have a safe flight- and have a good time. Hoping for pics tweeted or posted Chile sounds exciting!

  2. Ravzie

    You without the internet? Unheard of!!! Take Xanax.

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