Quick Steps to a Sun Kissed Look!

Pictured: Me on a recent trip where I wasn't so smart about "faking it" -- OUCH!

Greetings from sunny Mexico!

So, what happens when you are REALLY good about your sunblock? You find yourself pale is Casper, and on a tropical island.

That’s not to say we can’t create our own sunshine. (Teehee!)

Check out my recent StyleUnited.com article, with 3 quick steps to a sun-kissed look!

Even better? FAKE sun lowers our chance of REAL skin cancer.



  1. Nancy Reid

    You look radiant ~ nice to see you beaming!! Have fun.

  2. ravzie

    Great shot! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  3. Betty Baez

    You look great!!!

  4. Charlotte V.

    Lovely pic!

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