People helping people — one smile at a time!

There’s nothing more beautiful than inner beauty, you guys — and reading about the Smiles for the People initiative absolutely melted my dark and twisty heart.

You may recall the Cherry Ghost phrase “people help the people?”

I live by it every day – and I really hope all of you try to as well — and we all know about businesses that donate one pair of shoes for every shoe bought, or a tree for every tree bought, but sometimes the needs of people are far more basic – and yet way bigger – than anything we are thinking of.

Imagine if the act of brushing your teeth was something that wasn’t part of your reality. You know how gross it feels in the morning if you have an unexpected sleepover without your toothbrush and have to do the mouthwash swish and gargle just to buy time until a proper brushing and morning makeout seshes are out of the question because you KNOW if he smells your gnarly breath the love (or, err, lust, as it probably is) is totally over?

Well, THAT is a glorious alternative to the reality where you simply don’t own a toothbrush, and it’s the way life is. Or those nagging toothaches you get where you put off going to the dentist because it’s just no fun? What if you’d NEVER been to the dentist, because it’s just not an option for you?

Smiles for the People with a mission to provide quality, affordable dental care to the world. And when you buy one toothbrush, Smiles for the People provides the equivalent of one toothbrush to another person.

Their sustainable bamboo toothbrushes are actually super cute – in a rustic hippie sort of way — and then the equivalent funding of your one toothbrush can go toward a new dental clinic, sometimes a dentist training program, sometimes supplies for communities that would otherwise have to go without, like our basic toothbrushes and toothpaste. You could buy just one toothbrush ($6) or you could sign up for the subscription ($5 every three months for a year).

How amazing is this??? I’m totally signing up – hope some of you do too!

What do you think?

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