Finding the right foundation (everywhere!): Avon’s new MagiX Cashmere Advanced Liquid Foundation

Tonight, my dear friend Marina and I have a lady date – our goal? A professional bra fitting (and probably a few too many glasses of wine).

I can’t speak for Marina, but I’ve never gone for a professional fitting myself, and the knowledge that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra is giving me serious cause for pause (or increased interest, I can’t decide). I’m sort of hoping to be wearing the wrong size — at 36A, I’ve long had issues finding my favorite styles in my size — but at the same time, I’m frightened to discover that my true size may be yet smaller. Imagine if I’m actually a AA? That’s virtually a training bra.

No wonder I can’t pin down a man.

But regardless of my results — I feel almost like I’m going to the doctor! — the right foundation is super important. Wearing the wrong sized bra can literally make you ill — in the form of causing neck and back pain, and even circulation problems and skin issues can be related to the wrong bra! It’s quite serious. But — perhaps, for the vain, even more importantly — badly fitted bra will also affect your posture, make you look heavier than you are, and make your clothes not fit as well. In other words, the wrong bra can make you LESS PRETTY.

Interestingly, that’s not the only place that the wrong foundation can be disastrous – choosing the wrong foundation for your face can lead to all sorts of drama as well. Ever deal with a foundation that’s too thick? It’ll settle into your fine lines and make you look OLD. Instantly the youthful dewey skin you want to have will just look depressed and drab. If you have dry skin like I do, the wrong foundation can make your already sometimes-patchy skin look EVEN MORE PATCHY (a great tip for this, by the way,  is to exfoliate two to three times a week and always apply a moisturizer after cleansing – sort of like prepping the wall for paint…).

But the right foundation? The right foundation is everything.

This past weekend while traveling, I knew I wanted to have a low-key casual spa weekend with my girlfriends – I wasn’t going to shellac on the makeup, but I wanted to feel (and well, be, pretty) – and I brought very few products with me — among them was Avon’s new MagiX Cashmere Advanced Liquid Foundation (on sale right now for 8.99 at Avon.com)

My skin – generally problematic due to the extreme hormone/medication issues I’ve had this past year paired with a ton of travel lately in dry weather AND being so fair – instantly took to it like MAGIC (er…MagiX?) -all weekend (and since) everyone has been telling me how bright and healthy and just PRETTY my skin looks. To the touch it feels something like a baby’s tush – or so I hear, since I have no intimate knowledge of what baby’s tushes actually feel like.

It’s really hard to find foundation that will be smooth and nurturing to my dry skin without feeling greasy, blends well with my ghostly-skin-meets-red-cheeks and stays smooth all day without fading – but it looks like I’ve found a keeper!

Now lets hope my other foundation mission (of the cleavage variety) goes as smoothly…..! (And, er, my true size ends up being no smaller than it already is. God help me.)

Disclaimer: I am a compensated Avon brand blogger ambassador. However, all opinions expressed are always my own.


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