My skin is aging faster than any of us expected

Because I’m a total glutton for punishment, I love to put myself through the ringer on hot, humid days just to feel badly about myself.

Case in point: Makeup-less, I just did a bit of a self-test with the new (free!) My Own app.

Just in case you haven’t been to a derm lately (which you should def do — especially since it’s skin cancer awareness month), it lets you get an idea of where your facial skin damage is, ways to fight it, and just how you are doing on the aging scale.

(Because that obviously will make your hot, humid Tuesday THAT much better.)

It works via a facial-recognition technology, tracking 50 points on your face. You take a photo using the front-facing side of your iPhone (or iPod, or iPad or whatever), and  it provides a clinical evaluation of the major signs of aging, along with nutrition, wellness and beauty recommendations based on individual aging results.

Fun point counts include fine lines, deep-set wrinkles, percentage of pigment and number of age spots. Those numbers are then compared to others in your age group.


So, that’s how I did, below, if you check out my “score” — it looks like I have way more fine lines than a lot of girls my age. Go me! However, I have less than half the deep lines that is considered the “average” number – so maybe that’s a wash. I also have only 6 eye wrinkles, when the average girl my age has 9.

Exciting, except I had previously been deluding myself I had NONE.

Other results of the app shared that I have 16 age spots vs an average of 76 for girls of my age group. That’s pretty good!

The end result of the analysis is a summary diagnosis, which prescribes wrinkles as my primary area of focus. You’re telling me.

I need a drink. But something tells me that’ll just add to the problems.

My Own App is free and available for iPhone, iPad and android.  Test it out here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-own/id538721173?ls=1&mt=8 — tell me your results, I’m competitive and hope I did better!




  1. Lily

    You did very well…must be good genes :)

  2. Lily

    You did very well….must be good genes:)

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