My New Travel Companion: Tsubota Pearl Stick Perfume Applicator

My ear is always to the wall for travel-friendly beauty options – mostly because I seem to spend more of my life living out of a suitcase (than not).

One of those issues that has always plagued me is that of fragrance —¬† most perfumes these days are available in small, TSA-approved roller ball options.

However, many of my favorites aren’t – and that doesn’t really fit in with my lifestyle. Imagine how happy I was to discover¬† Tsubota Pearl Stick Perfume Applicators ($44)!

These are small, leakproof, brass tubes that come with tiny funnels for easy perfume transferring. It may not last you an epic journey, but if you take frequent short trips, it’s just about perfect; rolls right on, and then sticks safely back in your carry-on.


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