My Birthday Weekend: A Retrospective

Somehow, I was completely amiss in making any birthday weekend blog posts. (This is VERY unlike me…just rest assured there was MUCH going on — in fact, there still is!)

But, I want to make sure to take this opportunity to give a special shout out to the lovely women at Spa Chicks on the Go.

I run into founder Marie Scalogna-Watkinson at beauty-related events pretty often, and I love her. She’s the sweetest woman, and Spa Chicks is the coolest concept – basically they are a mobile spa event company, who are always at the best events, doing services ranging from manicures to pedicures to massages, and much more.

I always am excited to see them at events — so imagine my supreme excitement when Marie emailed me and offered to throw a mani/pedi party at my home for me and my besties for my birthday? I was floored — and so grateful!

My home is a bit of a shoebox, but my best friend Allie immediately volunteered her own home — which is just a short walk from my own. My girlfriends and I enjoyed an afternoon of manicures (complete with FAB Nail Fraud nail decals), pedicures, wine, cupcakes, and Tweezerman-sponsored gift bags. It was truly the best birthday ever — and a great precursor for my “official” party that night!

What do you think?

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