Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Fragrance

Perhaps your mom is an adult — or, at least, more wise in years than you — but that doesn’t mean that the same adorability = smile rule does not apply.

And for that, I suggest a slightly out of the box Day-of-Mom idea — HELLO KITTY.

Or, more exactly, Hello Kitty’s Big Pink Bow, just launched by Sephora.

Just take a second to look at the image I included at left. How cute is it??? I think MY mom in specific may enjoy it because it kind of looks like me — I am often found in a light pink bow and a gold top.

For those are you caught up in the details, the fragrance is a blend of uicy pineapple, pink honeysuckle, tantalizing gardenia, fresh coconut, and warm vanilla. It contains notes of frangipani, juicy pineapple, gardenia, pink honeysuckle, tiareflower, coconut water, vanilla and kissed skin accord. It’s delicious. (I’d say  just like me, but I hear that’s a bit forward.)

The fragrance costs $58 for a 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray and $19 for a 0.33 oz Eau de Parfum Roll-On. It can be found here on Sephora.com.

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  1. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    Oh how cute!!!!

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