May Healthy Skin Challenge GIVEAWAY: Eucerin Smoothing Repair Lotion and Professional Repair Lotion

Just in case you didn’t catch my announcement a few weeks ago, I will be spending the remainder of the year participating in the 2012 Eucerin Healthy Skin Challenge!

While I’m super excited for all this will do for me (I’ll be working with extremely esteemed dermatologists along the way), I also have some great news about what this will mean for you!

For part of the May Healthy Skin Challenge, I am hosting a giveaway of two great Eucerin Repair products!

Five of my readers/followers will win two lotions – Eucerin Smoothing Repair Lotion and the new Eucerin Professional Repair Lotion – as well as a tip card from the Skin First Council that includes suggestions for how to enjoy the products best in the summer months! These are about the science behind dry skin – they do more than just moisturize, they also deal with repairing the dry skin – supper important during the summer (and all year long!)

Eucerin has been around more than 100 years (that’s even older than Queen Elizabeth and Betty White!), and so, they have a lot of research behind them. The new Professional Repair’s formula combines skin’s own natural moisturizers and Ceramide-3, a component of a healthy skin barrier, with Gluco-Glycerol,  an innovative moisturizer—to improve the condition of skin and fight extreme dryness.This makes sense to me! It’s like the skin equiv of blood-typing. (Actually, maybe not at all. But it works.)

Take a second to visit www.scienceofskinrepair.com to learn more about these two lotions, and then to enter, make sure you are following @AlyWalansky and @EucerinUS on Twitter, and then, tweet me why this lotion looks like something YOU need this summer – make sure to include the #skinfirst tag! Deadline to enter is May 29. Good luck!
Disclaimer: My healthy skin challenge posts are sponsored by Eucerin, however, all opinions expressed are my own.


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    I could never have enough Eucerin lotion….the stuff is fantastic!!!

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