Lusting for Dior Les Violets Hypnotiques Nail Collection

Dior has launched a new limited edition of nail polishes called Christian Dior Les Violets Hypnotiques – and they are simply purplelicious.

Obviously, this means it consists of three purple shades: Poison, Orchid and Shadow. The polish is available at select Dior boutiques for $23 each – and I think I need to have all three.


FYI, purple is known to be the color of good judgment, and that is why it’s often used in meditation – so, I wonder, if I were to embrace this collection, would it change my  life?

Clearly worth the investment.

Disclaimer: I wore a purple dress to my grandmother’s third wedding. It only lasted for six months. Everyone loved the dress though… So much for good judgement.

What do you think?

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