LOVING Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance Bottle!

While no one would mistake me for a mega fan of Nicki Minaj’s music, I find myself super drawn to her new fragrance (or at least its bottle)!

The bottle was obviously designed to resemble her — though looks a tad like Akasha of Lestat lore, don’t you think? — and has pink hair and a gold face. OK, Akasha’s hair wasn’t remotely pink — but she reminds me of her anyway!

The fragrance, called Pink Friday, will arrive in stores next month. Nicki (via Twitter) describes the scent of the fragrance as smelling like “angels playing.” Intrigued!

Photo: Nicki Minaj/Twitter


  1. Nancy Reid

    This one does not excite me!

  2. Ravzie

    I don’t care for her music and this bottle is creepy! Like the Burger King…

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