How to bleach your hair (according to Lady Gaga)

Considering going blonde? Super blonde? ME-blonde?

Well, my advice is to…not take the following advice. You may end up bald. Or, just, very sad — but for those of you interested Lady Gaga shared some interesting tidbits with her Twitter followers.

Get this: She bleaches her own hair! Gaga tweeted:

Bleaching my hair! Scalp burning like a champ. A real blond loves a #PeroxideShot.

NOTE TO BLEACHED BLONDES WHO ARE TONING: do not fear the sting of toner! Wait five minutes and it’s just so painful your scalp will numb.

I would imagine if you have naturally dark hair and are going in that deep to the roots, you have to touch up every few days, and be SUPER careful not to get bleach on any hair but the new growth. Considering we know she has gobs of money and could afford to head to the salon, I’m not sure why she’s constantly doing this to herself.

Control freak.

What do you think?

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