How do you make yourself more attractive to date?

(Without being too easy, obviously.)

Last week, I wrote a feature for CompletelyYou.com on date night seduction tips — all really important if you get to that date night.

That’s why for LovingYou.com this week, I figured I’d back up a bit. How do we nail that guy in the first place? And by nail, I mean pin down.

Wait, that’s not going in the right direction…

Before sex and seduction happens, we need that first interaction. How do you make him notice you? It’s not about sex, and it’s not even about great hair and smoldering lips – those matter too, of course. What is it about? I interviewed the experts – and they share! Here’s how to make ourselves more attractive to date — and date succesfully!

If you take the time to read the article — always appreciated — would love your tips as well!


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